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All of the above and expensive
Yeah maybe some mild steaming (just a hint) to lift the tears a bit then when dry what fxh says and then gentle pressure to straighten the tear out and then collonil and then wax closed. All advice but no responsibility. Alternative is soften with dampness and then polish and then call it patina.
The specs are pretty hot IMO.
The new Milans are a totally different weave to my vintage ones but have a unique robust vibe.
Thrifted a beautiful RLPL shirt recently like that with extreme cut away collar. Very nice.
Look who showed up! http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/03/bill-ayers-protests-trump-in-chicago/
Exactly I notice Rupert got married with brown in town
Pix would be nice.
Call it patina and give them a drink!
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