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Spectator ghillies in a sort of 40s style last. Now that's something new!
1940s Wilkinson mild spades 7 eyelets
They are some form of storm welt.
Beautiful - I have the red brown version
HabanArtDéco A stroll and visual guide to the legacy of this ever amazing style in the capital of Cuba. http://www.habanartdeco.blogspot.com.au/
My Moores took a lot of breaking in and don't hold the spit shine well. A beautiful looking shoe but I agree that C&J Handgrade is a better proposition.I don't agree with you on the width thing out of the box. I ended up using a set of USA "E" fitting vintage trees to stretch them a bit and I am a def "F" US "E" fitting.
Nice. Similar to Bontoni designs.
You can never have a problem when you wear nice shoes. First thing women look at they reckon.
I posted that Thom McAn video initially. The thing that got me was the number of processes to produce a shoe that cost what $10 in 1930s money or less? Yet everyone got to wear magnificent shoes. I have many pairs from that era that I still wear to work. Probably modern economics would hate the lack of turn over as well. Someone asked George Glasgow Snr about how long a pair of Cleverley shoes should last...and he said 30 years. Some of my shoes are nearly 80 years...
Wonderful collection Wurger. You get many comments at work?
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