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Nice shoes!
When did Dimitri hook up with C&J? http://www.crockettandjones.com/news/index/shoemaker-world-dimitri-gomez-matre-bottier
Voi has fantastic stuff and you can bargain with them
Tell me about it! My brother has lived in Germany for 30 years and does it when he comes Down Under to great amusement
Genius colouring.
This... but the Italian/EUR stuff is just miles ahead of even the top British stuff for elegance and wow factor when seen en masse like this. Thanks for going to so much trouble.
Pair of 1950s Australian Raoul Mertons A famous 1960s comic used to advertise them by saying: "You know they're hurtin' when you wearin' Raoul Merton. In fact, they are so comfortable I had them on all day.
Quite interesting re the comeback of UK shoes. http://www.executivestyle.com.au/englands-wellheeled-shoemakers-are-shining-again-ghvi3m
Hard to forget what a sensational and unique act he was and to think in this clip he already was 20 years in the business.The riffing in this sounds reminiscent of 50s jazz and then it has has almost a bit of a 90s rap feel.
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