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Interesting the 1970s width lapels coming back a bad version of the 40s Bold Look
Love the Carminas but can't understand the continuing love for the Alden Indy boot. But each to his own.
According to Strafor this is what its about but anything is possible in Turkish politics:AnalysisTurkey’s coup plotters certainly had the element of surprise working in their favor. The speed in which the military deployed in major cities and took control of critical power nodes showed a high degree of organization and efficiency. However, the coup attempt is already starting to fray, and its chances of failing are high because a polarizing faction is leading it.There are...
Love that slightly bevelled vamp.
But I understood Mr Hopey Changey was going to eliminate all this racism not increase it. Black Lives Matter is funded by George Soros = QED.
All of the above especially Jack Irish and disagree on the Wallander issue
whenis it on?
A great style the Lloyd and you can see how much better AEs were in quality in the 80s.
Nothing beats an Adelaide.
New Posts  All Forums: