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This.She had a full on seizure at Ground Zero.The implications of her being President with the number of acknowledged health issues she has are frightening.But the Democrats have history for putting crocks in power. FDR, JFK come to mind.
The real Peal company. That briefcase is beautiful and has wonderful proportions in a Decoish sort of way.
The general lack of interest in her - apart from the seizures (the MSM tries to explain away) - is mirrored in the books and campaign attendances fail.That predominately black Baptist rally she went to is an example. About 10% of the conference attendees attended her rally. They had to move the room dividers because it looked so bad.This scenario can be juxtaposed with Trump closing her in the polls whilst hardly spending any money.The black vote is not going to get out...
Don't know about the patched but def the buttons. Those are too plain.
Very nice colour and medallion
Gave the Crosby Spades a run today despite no brown in town edicts
Is dis love... is dis love dat your feelin'? The colour is superb.
Looks like a good day was had by all. You put a lot of fun into it for Viking shoe tragics
Molloys has a look that other tweeds like Magees seem to lack. Is it my imagination? Speaking as a person whose grandmother was a Molloy LOL!
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