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very nice they are too!
Does anyone overseas find this Pitney Bowes eBay shipping ridiculous? For the so called safety (tracking) you pay a weird range of (expensive) charges to see you stuff shipped to about 5 different places in the US over a week before it even leaves the USA. Hence stuff that should take a week or so can take over two weeks to deliver. And we pay for the privilege! Stuff from the UK with BritPost takes a week (tracked) and with DHL like 3-4 days.
Instead of clenching (?) your sphincter (just trying to imagine someone doing that) you need to let it go and enter reality land.Denial won't help. Nasty Mr New President won't go away. Your delusional parallel universe has disappeared in a supernova.Real America aka the adults are back in charge.Time to Make America Great Again.Does no look like yo are the accepting type and you have a little problem with religious bigotry it seems.Lucky majority America will be running...
CNN gets a long overdue bollocking from Neil Cavuto. Timely and appropriate. What next for the Clinton News Network? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mBKVCNEW1o And then with 'friends' like these in the GOP who needs enemies? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4114716/Extraordinary-details-ordinary-citizen-John-McCain-actually-dispatched-trusted-aide-Atlantic-dirty-dossier-ex-spy.html But then saying that Trump went in too hard on him I suspect.
I tried to point this out to an eBay seller who still wanted to maintain a US 11 with a 12" interior was a US 11 instead of 11.5 US at least. Why? Because the salesman told him so.
Trews are a little long IMO but the colour of the shoes really sets it off. I thought C&J but the colour is a little dark. Prolly something Italian from Barneys with that shaped cap toe.
Exactly!The President Eisenhower warning c.1960 further unfolds and reverberates.The incompetence of the CIA during the Obama Presidency (driven by HRC) such as the creation of ISIS, the Benghazi incident and then the Aleppo/Syria fiasco is beyond normal stupidity.That is the real biggy for all those located in SE Asia. But it did not just happen. Obama's entire Asian strategy was confused and haphazard. Many blame the distraction of Europe. Whatever, it is now a big...
Verbal diarrhea 101. It's hard to work out what you are trying to say. Very confused (Left Wing) individuals.Lewis has taken lessons from the other rabble rousers and then leverages his MLK time to make out he's someone that has high moral credit. Gimme a break - another fraud.
Brendan O'Neill on the Obama "Legacy": All this blubbing over Obama and by the Obamas, all the media stuff about his dignity and grace, how he "lifts us up" (Guardian) and "gave us hope" (Vox) and empowered us ("These Hopeful Quotes from President Obama's Farewell Speech Will Leave You Feeling Empowered"), is creepy as hell. It's far more cultish than the Trump phenomenon. This is why some liberals, especially in the media, are going a bit crazy -- because it isn't...
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