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Quite interesting re the comeback of UK shoes. http://www.executivestyle.com.au/englands-wellheeled-shoemakers-are-shining-again-ghvi3m
Hard to forget what a sensational and unique act he was and to think in this clip he already was 20 years in the business.The riffing in this sounds reminiscent of 50s jazz and then it has has almost a bit of a 90s rap feel.
Beautiful chukkas in my favourite colour.
I have a 1950s vintage pair of McAfees by Church that looks like these. My favourite black shoes.
But they are BLACK!
Extraordinary. You would think they were a pair of spade soled shoes till you look from topside up.
If the ruby is too red just use black crème to dull it back to a more cordovan shade.
Da man.
Superb manipulation of the different tile dimensions around the wholecut shape. Just so sleek and wonderful.
A colleague and her husband just came back from a 3 weeks tour there and loved it especially the game parks.
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