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Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess. (Oscar Wilde)
Interesting that...I have had a few pairs over the years. The construction is good but the leather is always a bit stiff.
j-ingevaldsson = head Bestetti enabler...you heard it here first.I love his western boot style pegged waists.
The bloke who wore that would sure have looked sharp.
Tout ca change...
This.... and the quality of their manufacture. Other firms were great but EC had a consistency over many years.Bestetti aka Riccardo is the most exciting shoemaker in the Whole Wide World in 2014 FWIW.
In that cable channel program Swamp Men one sees the gator gathering guys getting (small) gators - though they love to get the big suckers - it probably is the meat and extra amount of skin they fetch that encourages them along with the skill needed.Working on the DWFII theory those smaller gators are choice for boot leather?
New Posts  All Forums: