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What amazes me is the MSRP for Artioli is huge and the materials are excellent but they bring nothing on eBay compered to their MSRP. I have never been able to work it out. The style is too particular?
Lovely colour design and bookmatching
I like them... very Jax on Sons of Anarchy
I think it is not supposed to be so folded.
Hayel and Son Tailors in Pitt St can remedy/alter that for you
I had a hat done by Graham. A first class bloke and I appreciated he got his Australian wife to talk to me so their were no dialect misunderstandings...
Exactly... they are so different as to destroy the look achieved with the beautiful book matching below on the vamp.
I love this grey suit George Clooney wears at the post party. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2773025/Four-dresses-wedding-Amal-Alamuddin-picture-sartorial-elegance-series-designer-outfits-weds-George-Clooney.html
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