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I have one of the hemp panamas from Akubra (the Bondi from memory) which is ventilated and takes a lot of hard wear and tear.
Your basic Florsheim vintage gunboat .
These are the nicest spectator shoes I saw on a recent holiday in NYC. Tirolese Testoni Black Label linen like suede and calf.
Buy of the year on my recent NYC holiday was the JCrew Panamas with the woven edge and good sizes and hatbands for USD65
I could fit a 10.5C width when I am a D/E 11D.
Andrew's stuff (when I visited his workshop in the Strand) was all that industrial "just left the foundry" look.
The true Evil Knievel of the collection
Following swiftly in the footsteps of BHS, Austin Reed announced this morning that consulting firm AlixPartners have begun to seek a rescue deal for all or part of the business. It's the latest and seemingly final move in a financial battle that began when they were forced to sell their flagship store five years ago. So, how did it all go wrong for the company that created the famous Churchillian 'siren suit. "It's hard to define how or when Austin Reed fell so far off...
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