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powerful shape and great colour.
Way to go!
Yosef you buy the shoes you like. The price is incidental to the purchaser. You like 'em... you buy 'em.I just think that the advantage of low wage manufacturing should be passed onto the purchaser. Unless the manufacturer in Rumania is prepared to pay its cordwainers the equivalent wage to a cordwainer in London... I would rather see the difference in my pocket rather than the manufacturer. That is supposed to be the way it works.The nature of the world is that certain...
I am not criticising their self evident quality. They are a beautiful shoe in all aspects. I just am stunned that they cost USD1600 a pair when a hand made pair of Vass are like USD700.
I hear you but StCs are way overpriced for the manufacturing cost of the country in which they are made. Rumania is very bottom tier EUR and Hungary is much more advanced economically. Double the price????
A beautiful shoe.
There is no antidote to a Bontoni addiction?
Remember these in Boardwalk Empire?
New Posts  All Forums: