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Love the 1940s French toe/Bestetti like toe treatment and that real St Cs touch on the lacing area with the swoop. Top shoe.
Bit cooler today in Sydney so Back to the Future opportunity Crosby Square Spades from the 1930s. Appropriately my avatar features 1930s Australian Prime Minister Joe Lyons on board a ship with a wonderful little girl who just passed away.
Agree. You would have to go far to find an uglier combination. Sorry to be blunt but those shoes would be worn for a bet.
Grazie a Dio!Give me the modern Italian masters any day. If I want boring I could go to the UK.
This - with drivel ...and Luk Cha's inability to learn English properly after how many years? Punishing.
The handmade Trafton spades were great from the 90s/00s. I have a pair of the Scotch grains coming. Problem is a lot of Traftons were handmade using CG leather for some reason. Unwearable long term.
New Posts  All Forums: