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Very nice, They are TTS for a EUR44?
Years ago I found the best way to get the right suit from my regular BKK tailor was to give him a suit to copy. What do you guys think would be the best one over the Net where I just send them a suit to copy?
One way to tell the age of a French Shriner shoe is whether the full name is French Shriner & Urner or just French Shriner.  The "Urner" was dropped I believe sometime in the 1950s after Samual Urner died.  This company started manufacturing in the late 1800s in Rockland, MA.  Around 1900s. they built a factory on 63 Melcher Street .   They eventually moved their operations to 443 Albany Street in Boston where they continued manufacturing until the late 1960s.  The City of...
I have thrifted the odd one and agree.
Argentine shoes are pretty good quality.
Very sharp and interesting take on mixing Scotch grain with smooth without being too country.
Just beautiful! What brand?
1940s Breez'ees Ventilated Spectators super comfortable like an EG202 last. Thanks to isshinryu101 for securing me these shoes.
Stunning masterpiece
Why does this not surprise me? http://www.news.com.au/finance/work/barack-obama-admits-failure-in-syria-as-islamic-state-runs-riot-but-denies-vladimir-putin-is-the-stronger-man/story-fn5tas5k-1227565910610
New Posts  All Forums: