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I have come to the conclusion more than $10 for an umbrella is too much.
The fact is these days no one would notice while they wear their $200 Chinese jobs.
No.... don't screw around with perfection. But not two in the same style. That would be ridiculous when you could be Gladiator for a day.
Verzonden vanaf zijn iPhone met behulp van Tapatalk = all 6 pairs alstublieft
Roy good to hear your valued opinion. 6 pairs now? Pics or they don't exist!
Pure unrequited
A lot in what you say. At first looking at the toecap and general shape I thought I was looking at a black version of my AS Moore Exclusives from AFPOS. But the rear is a bit more voluptuous for mine to be UK. Just my dos centavos.
All of the above. The black ones are so nice.
Comparing that big beefy shoe with the refined elegance of the Bestettione above is comparing apples and pears. Which is not to say Antonio does not do elegant.
New Posts  All Forums: