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Love a lot of his stuff ...don't get the enduring Trickers love. What don't I understand?
All the leather stuff will need a big drink of Cadillac cream to start and then sit in some Pecards for a month to revivify.
You can work that scratch away but never entirely and it will enter the "patina" area of shoe history
Meanwhile back in suburbia... http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/video/2014/oct/07/kangaroos-boxing-match-australia-street-video
More attractive last than the C&J variety having owned a pair made up for Brooks.
I suspect it will be a while before you buy C&J at those prices again the way the AUD is going.
Beautiful trees
Nice tie!
Nice shoes!
Goodbye Congress! Who needs them? At least two senior Democrats have joined the Republican leadership in complaining that the Security Council action, expected Monday morning, would pre-empt the congressional debate. Their concern is that it would signal the international community’s intention to dismantle the sanctions — if Iran meets the nuclear terms of the accord — before American lawmakers have had time to vote on...
New Posts  All Forums: