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The problem is what? You fill em up with wax.
I stand accused and plead guilty!Meanwhile back at stately Wayne Manor our dynamic Electoral College voters realize that Hillary is the problem and vote against her rather then the anti-Christ aka Dear Leader. Fuckin' hilarious what?http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4048394/The-Latest-Electoral-College-meets-formally-elect-Trump.htmlThe real question facing America is how much of this destabilizing Democrat ratbaggery is going to continue past 20 January 2017?The...
Further confirmation of the alternative/Leninist Government Obama is setting up to protect his "legacy"... whatever that means.1917 or 2016?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqH_XA851l8Fake news = anything that purports to be real but comes out of the mouth of a Clintonian or associated with the Dem Left.AltLeft = you and the other Clintonian holdovers who propagate a thread that should be celebrating the chance to Make America Great Again.
Specsavers might help.http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2016/12/17/report-pa-electors-assigned-police-protection/
You dealing with the altLeft. That's their call sign.
Impossible. http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2016/12/17/report-pa-electors-assigned-police-protection/Basically the Democratic (misnamed) Party, the White House, sections of the CIA (who are about to be punted) and most of the the MSM have been involved in some weird Leninist style plot to overthrow the elected President. I'm just waiting for someone to get off a train.Losers all with about as much chance of succeeding as Hillary winning the US Presidential election.The...
How pathetic and undemocratic is the Democratic Party with this orchestrated crass campaign to threaten and harass members of the Electoral College? The Washington Post of course leading the way with its never ending fake news. The USA is moving in a very politically healthy direction since 2008. Fortunately with Trump these boneheads will be a thing of the...
New Posts  All Forums: