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I had a magnificent Italian tie. One dot of soy sauce and RIP. Ditto a food stain that gets really in = tie rooned.
Believe me they are. They were made under license by that Maine company Rancourt from memory.
Summer time Down Under and the livin' is easy.... Brooks Bros Shell Cordovan Boatshoes from the 80s (?)
Misawa Noriyuki's Tarsal Spectators Materna Style
Lovely comfortable shape.
Australian Customs is always discovering animal/bird/reptile smugglers - but I suspect even they would baulk at taipans.
Having had a lot of stuff made in the 80/90s in BKK for myself and the missus I would have to say the best think to do in BKK is take something that is a perfect fit and have it copied. They are geniuses at that. I have never once found or heard of real luxury cotton fabric in a Thai cloth market - more details and prices please in case I need a small quantity in the future. I should have elaborated that I was buying linen. The suits I had made lasted me 10 years and had...
Aussie through and through...nice to wear on Australia Day.
That was a BKK story I told during daylight hours....
I just used to get out of the tuk tuk and then walk down this duckboard lane into this like market place of cloth.
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