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The Obama /Clinton legacy.... and more to come.
Fast and Furious revisited. Same methodology/Same result/Different country. A glimpse into a what a Clinton Presidency would be like. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/10/05/doj-abruptly-drops-case-against-gun-runner-who-threatened-to-reveal-clintons-libya-dealings.html
Cross post of a pair of Bontonis I particularly like. I use that Collonil burgundy cream that accentuates the red colour.
Some love lavished on (one of) my Bontonis
me want in your next sell off!
Fifth from right what brand is that?
70s years old Stetsons Avenues out for a walk today and then back to familiar surroundings. Original laces BTW as well!
All of the above plus Huma's Saudi connections and Bill's connection with his debauched mate Epstein.
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