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60 years ago! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_EXTWvPDeQ&feature=youtu.be
Those have matured nicely I must say.
Bitchin' Gianni tutto benfatto!
Your philosophy is wonderful.In examining the contra of all you aspire to and love we see what has been lost from the latter half of the 20thc onwards.Saying that there will always be a market for excellence.But like threatened species and their problem with survival - once the critical mass and genetic quality is compromised - we may be on the slippery slope to extinction.
Thanks. You learn something every day.
Why? They can't be polished with way/creme polish - I have to use Renovateur. The polish up like shell. They have no creases but rolls. The colour is a shell standard colour. They are reasonably waterproof.
I had a magnificent Italian tie. One dot of soy sauce and RIP. Ditto a food stain that gets really in = tie rooned.
New Posts  All Forums: