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Beautiful... almost vintage version... of a classic. I love C&J!
Top advice my favourite honey hole of ties has meant I have 3 of those hanging racks full and I still buy some because you become a tie tragic at $5 an item especially if they are Canali etc. In fact the other day I actually scored an Hermes for the first time. No name but the ubiquitous horse and carriage tag.
I have one of the hemp panamas from Akubra (the Bondi from memory) which is ventilated and takes a lot of hard wear and tear.
Your basic Florsheim vintage gunboat .
These are the nicest spectator shoes I saw on a recent holiday in NYC. Tirolese Testoni Black Label linen like suede and calf.
Buy of the year on my recent NYC holiday was the JCrew Panamas with the woven edge and good sizes and hatbands for USD65
I could fit a 10.5C width when I am a D/E 11D.
Andrew's stuff (when I visited his workshop in the Strand) was all that industrial "just left the foundry" look.
New Posts  All Forums: