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What can one say about both the design and colour? Best pair of single monks I have ever seen. The stitching on the monk flap and the contour are both superb.
Time to hit the road and put in a bit of spade work.
Superb...the waist is awesome!
Leather Soul in Waikiki is a def but the downtown closeouts near Holiday St are also worth visiting I've heard.
Your observations are interesting as I could not believe the big LS association with Cleverley foundered so quickly and next minute there is a colossally cheap sale of the remaining Cleverley stock. Pretty unheard of I thought at the time.
I love di Bianco shoes and get their feed on FB.
Bonafe have always had a great "under the radar" reputation.
I think St Crispins are joining the popularity price spiral/gouging. The shoes are made in Rumania FGS so what's the go?
Money for nothing and the shoes are free.
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