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Buy a $300 Nespresso or the $80 Aldi version. Perfect coffee every time. Rich crema good selection of flavours etc. Best present I ever got from the wife.
Yeah that was a cruel comment.
Excellent mate!
Those seem to not be eliminating/tightening the roll on the vamp.
any other sizes?
I had a pair of Coniston from BB but frankly the last was not nice and I sold them. They are a big solid boot with those chunky soles. I prefer that U cap which has a better look.
Love that chunky toecap stitching!
All of the above. I like how the grain comes through in a soft subtle way. Ville it would be nice to revisit the pics in 12 months after a EUR winter. Congrats on your project.
Very good. Your wheeling technique will also needs some practice. Obviously there is a way to do it in one go.
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