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very nice! stitching is as fine as the 1930s
Just finished a rehab project on the first of two pair of the famous late 1940s Edwin Clapp New Englanders spade captoes. Thanks to isshinryu101 for securing these bad boys BTW. A black matching pair needed some more work internally. The shoes were stripped back partially and then revivified with Cadillac cream and Pecards. Then polished with Collonil Diamond crème (contains cedar oil) and then finished with Angelus wax. Laces are originals!
They said it! The Obama legacy...In fact, no president in modern times has presided over so disastrous a stretch for his party, at almost every level of politics. http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/08/democratic-blues-121561.html#.VderjzYVjct
I have always liked this shoe especially the colour. I wanted to buy a pair from that Irish bloke and never got around to it.
Love a lot of his stuff ...don't get the enduring Trickers love. What don't I understand?
All the leather stuff will need a big drink of Cadillac cream to start and then sit in some Pecards for a month to revivify.
You can work that scratch away but never entirely and it will enter the "patina" area of shoe history
Meanwhile back in suburbia... http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/video/2014/oct/07/kangaroos-boxing-match-australia-street-video
More attractive last than the C&J variety having owned a pair made up for Brooks.
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