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Who makes these for Max Verre?
The colour of those is mind blowing - usually found only on American vintage shoes.But the actual design shows just how clever and cutting edge the Japanese cordwainers are at the moment. IMO
Fat bastards those. Good for street fights and situations where you need to escape slipping whilst running on cobblestones from the Securitate.
Do not ask me to measure insole/outsole because it is a meaningless and unreliable measurement. LOL!
Missed seeing WAR at a club in Torrance CA USA (Jackie Brown filmed there) in the 90s by one day (but caught Jimmy Cliff) having bought all their albums in the 70s and the videos you can now find.Amazing outfit and I still enjoy them as much as a I did as a young bloke in the 70s.
Look like a cricketers boot.
Harris is a beautiful well made shoe.
Gloria Minghella was the matriarch of a remarkable Italian immigrant family which came to Britain in the first half of the 20th century. While she became an award-winning ice cream maker, her five children went on to excel in their chosen fields. The most celebrated among them was Anthony Minghella, the Oscar-winning film director. Read more:...
Sorry to take a different tack but is this the quality of sole you can now get in PRC?
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