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Muppet.He needs to wear a linen suit in Sydney in summer. Problem solved without loss of sartorial standards.Do we want to look like Silicon Valley?The IT tech-head types at work are bad enough.
I hear mixed reports re Coombs. Maybe Brices is a better idea.
Cross posted Ventilated 1940 spectators
A pair I thrifted recently. There was a matching blue pair as well but the stitching on the toecaps was so fine that the leather tore underneath the cap!
Sounds a dumb question as the answer is yes. But Shanghai is the only place in China where you can get a copyright breach accepted and actioned I'm told so maybe it is only nominally in Communist China
wool is cool in summer hence the Berbers use it in the Sahara.
Pretty hot lately in Sydney. The Americans had this problem sorted in the vintage era 1940s Mesh mamas
Too small
Very sharp specs. Kill my EG Malvens for instance.
Unrequited love especially the red ones
New Posts  All Forums: