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On my experience of the US make ups the 11D is a better fit for me. Saying all that he is me today a few years after I started wearing a pair of C&J for RLs from the noughties in 10.5D. Handgrade specs.
I have a Poulsen Skone C&J pair that are handgrade specs. That was a bargain.
There is no red rot on it and 2 goes with Cadillac cream have done wonders already. There is abrading on the bump spots but the leather is solid. Then dryness but nothing too bad.I have a lot of vintage shoes from the 20s-40s so I know exactly what you mean DWFII.I was stunned at the condition it was in. Solid as. A crease tear that has to be sewn a bit stiffish in some parts that has backing but once I finish my magic...Pre Caddy cream:
This bag according to the 60+ owner was inherited from his grandfather! Go figure as they say in NYC. Before: After a clean and some Cadillac cream (unpolished): A lot of work to go. Someone lost the key and jemmied the lock upwards...probably find someone to fix it. One crease needs some sewing too.
geez I loved that album in the 70s wore the grooves off it and the film was pretty good too.
I have a Sears Thai silk spotty tie of my old man's from the 60s. My sons quite like it as well and have worn I to get the authentic 60s look. There are some other items I just can't recall at the moment.
Those were top suits.
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