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Go to the Orton outlet store at DFO Olympic Park.
Not bad for 70+ years old these Crosby Squares spades!
Saying all that DWFII these are more like a surface horizontal delaminating than a deep into the body leather vertical crack - like the Prince Charles variety.I have some other shoes that have a similar but not so advanced problem and I have worn and continue to wear them for years.
Go right ahead and a cheap pair of Moores will be enjoyed by you for years...
Edwin Clapp 1940s/50s New Englanders in black. Like DFW says when the leather dries out pas a certain point you can't get it back. Hence the surface cracking on the vamps But underneath is is sound.
Tarsal straps 'em!
Very sharp exhibiting what I called the Moilloy "vibe" you don't see for instance in other Donegals like Magee.
Edwin Clapp were the best, J&M Handmade were great too and of course Nettletons. Stetson are also fab and Crosby Square.The best place to get/find/buy such things is style forum member isshinryu101.
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