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That is an amazing example of how shoes get better with TLC.What is amazing is how the definition has been enhanced by the polishing and love so much so that they now have French style toecaps for instance.
Surfing swans on the Gold Coast. Now I've seen it all! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcmDN9BJLY4
I own and have seen plenty of vintage spectators but those are probably one of the nicest ones I've ever seen. Something about the brogueing details and the last shape.Only downside is that someone has used that gym shoe whitening instead of the proper buck bag.
The Indian Imperials are Goodyeared maybe the Italian are Blaked. It is a nice looking shoe but this type of shoe sells on PaulFrederick.com for like USD250. Interesting that Florsheim has finally decided to get back to making higher end shoes.
I have a few dubmonks and I like the buckles more on the side.The other thing for dubmonks is that you have to learn not to if you are a leg crosser as the buckles can badly scrape the cover flap on the vamp.
So what size are they?
I like those burgundy ones especially the last which I reckon would be tres confortable. It is reminiscent of a J&M Spade handmade from the 40s minus the shovel.
I like the Bestetti like toe gap on those. They look like a pair of RMs used to look like before the quality dropped but have a far greater sleekness.
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