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Even when you discover fraud the Twitter account mysteriously gets nuked. The long arm of Clintonism and the new corporate state of the USA. Mussolini would be so proud. http://projectveritas.com/l/james-okeefe-blocked-from-his-twitter-account.html At a developer conference last October, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey committed to freedom of expression, stating that “Twitter stands for speaking truth to power.” “If Twitter was truly sincere about speaking truth to power,...
There has been a lot of information on vote fraud discovery. There is a full on investigation in Texas going on.
It is already/has been rigged. That is pretty obvious from the get go. WikiLeaks has revealed how deep the conspiracy is.Today's info on Podesta's advice how to tweak the polls was interesting.
They were... thanks to the Newt organized/ GOP controlled Congress.
No harm intended . If you have some information please elaborate. We are all shocked by his sudden demise.
Having heard first hand about Italian public health care standards I could not help wondering if something went wrong with his treatment. Though saying that people who are often very ill can die suddenly of some other complication. It happened to a close friend of mine.Avanti! ...sempre avanti! May his genius inspire others from his homeland.
Look at the eclipse of the Mayan civilization in Central America.
How far is the drip drip drip of the WikiLeaks stuff going to affect the campaign in the next few weeks? http://dailycaller.com/2016/10/20/wikileaks-hillary-got-12-million-for-clinton-charity-as-quid-pro-quo-for-morocco-meeting/
New Posts  All Forums: