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Something from the Temple of Ra?
I misremembered the deadline for this...love this new word. Brother of misspoke.
Jeez that is a nice shoe and love the medallion and colour.
Very interesting a bit OTT with the blue 1/4s but I suspect you are not going to wear them to your next job interview....
The colour in the 1909 is excellent and I have got the shoe crème on my fingers and found it hard to remove the stain so you could see how it would penetrate leather.
Saphir stinks so much it asphyxiates you. IMO of course.
Bespoke shoes scandal claims scalp of Hollande aide http://news.yahoo.com/scandal-hit-advisor-morelle-resigns-fresh-blow-hollande-113901058.html
Featuring the fergalicious Emma Alberici? You need to get out more or change your viewing habits. IMHO of course.Klitscko smashed him from the get go. Can't believe he even got to fight Klitschko on that performance.
I love that slightly buffed Nile crock with that natural weathered look.
In China you can be in the penthouse today and the outhouse tomorrow just for saying or doing the wrong (right?) thing. There has been talk already that half the Chinese millionaires have left PRC already and the further 50% will leave within the next 20 years. PRC is so uncertain what with so much money made by guanxi tactics. Most sensible millionaires want safety for their money and families and that only means democratic countries. Hence real estate investment is a...
New Posts  All Forums: