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Bontoni Luurvvv....
First Stefano Bemer and now Riccardo.
Just putting this here as a celebration of his genius
Tragic news. Genius calzolaio. May he RIP. Gutted.
The cheaper and less tightly woven Panamas are a better long term prospect than Montes simply because they can take the wear and tear and even light showers don't wreck them. I had a Monte I wore on Melbourne Cup day once and typically it rained/showered a little and the hat was basically ruined and need a reblocking which you would be hard put to find Down Under. I bought a very nice quality Panama with a woven edge for USD60 in summer in JosA Bank in NYC on holidays....
Cleverley bespoke?
Those are what style name?
Why with so much experience is their vibe/finish generally so amateurish/apprentice looking? Same with our mate in the Strand Arcade
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