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First day at school since manufacture in the 1940s! Comfortable straight away and more comfortable after a days walking. Thanks to vintage shoe specialist isshinryu101 for securing these gems. My cobbler Nick Pascuzzo fitted some new thin Topys soles and heels to them so they will never need a damaging resole. 1940s Stetson Saratogas gator spades.
All good news for Americani.
You could shave with those.
1940s/50s Frank Bros Spade Soled Vintage Spectators made by Johnston and Murphy
Pretty wet and windy winter's day in Sydney so broke out the Philly spades: [/url]
Superb shoe!
I think the consensus was that sansaraf was the real thing. That he had discovered "The Source".
The 202 is hard to beat for comfort. I had a black pair on the other day and they were great.
http://histv.co/1opAyBd http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/video-comic-con-vikings-season-721422
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