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Grow up. This is not the Electoral College and I am not a voter you can harass. It's the official Trump Thread no? A place one would expect the objectives and dreams of the Great Helmsman would be outlined and critiqued.
Apples and oranges broken record
I've always liked that shade in cord.
Two time loser.And on Q the primal scream! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlB1qTyIeK0
Sorry it a thread in praise of The Great Leader.Interesting map of America.http://www.vividmaps.com/2016/12/trumpland-and-clinton-archipelago.html
The Russians didn't hack the votes and they didn't hack the count, and that's what you would have to do to hack the election.
Congratulations to Donald J Trump on his Electoral College victory. A couple of loose carries in his team but the big news (ignored natch by the MSM) was that Hillary Clinton lost the most electors of any candidate in 100 years. She had the most faithless electors. How come this did not make the news after all the Democrat agitation against Trump? The millions of harassing emails, texts and other forms of intimidation directed at Electors? Did the Dems overegg the...
And stop playing with sharp knives....
Tell that to the people in Syria - especially Aleppo. Certainly one of the USA's most destructive Presidents as far as that's concerned. A gross human tragedy that will destabilize the world especially the West for years to come.Apparently one of the charities (inside info) is the Clinton Foundation.
New Posts  All Forums: