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Molto belle!
Is dis lurv... is did lurv... dat I'm feelin'? Love that 21c vibe in the pointy last.
AE is locked into that mysterious narrow 5 last so you have to go up a 1/2 size to fit shoes at the normal English/EUR size and width.
No harm intended . If you have some information please elaborate. We are all shocked by his sudden demise.
Having heard first hand about Italian public health care standards I could not help wondering if something went wrong with his treatment. Though saying that people who are often very ill can die suddenly of some other complication. It happened to a close friend of mine.Avanti! ...sempre avanti! May his genius inspire others from his homeland.
Cadillac cream or some Pecards antique leather wax. A contemporary shape. Nice
Beautiful Bontonis
These are 50s... I had a brown pair.
Bontoni Luurvvv.... x Post Barberini is the style.
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