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I have a few Frank Bros vintage shoes...beautiful stuff.
So what is the answer... Hillary is so completely dumb or so completely and irretrievably dodgy?
One of my favourite pairs from the 1950s
Cash for mates instead of punters http://www.wsj.com/articles/look-whos-getting-that-bank-settlement-cash-1472421204
And the answer is....???
Amazing.... Bought a suit in the UK shipped two days later on 25 and arrived on Sunday 28 August via DHL for GBP 15. Bought some shoes in the USA took look two weeks of shuttling all over the USA with eBay's approved provider and cost USD50!
1940s Stetson Avenues. Wear them maybe once a month usually in winter.
They were RMs and she tossed them out. The only place to have them re-screwed is RMs apparently. The alternative is a regular resole.
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