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1. Yes because there is not a green alternative that provides base load power sufficient to move modern energy requirements..2. Yes. But not Obama style at the risk of proven technologies.3. You are taking the piss?
This thread needs to move along. They are posting new stuff on the Bestetti Instagram site.
Good luck with all of that. The next Congressional elections will be a wipeout for the Dems.By fucking over the working class in general - particularly coal miners and their attendant families and a whole lot of the remaining proletariat such as automotive workers.
Yeah the fool who got elected. Get a grip on yerself FFS.
Uncross your fingers. A billionaire NYC property developer is going to be played for a fool by Putin?
2016. It was a very good year. http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2016/12/2016-one-greatest-years-ever-humanity/
Excellent article on how the Donald was elected by one of the UK's most renowned thinkers - Brendan O'Neill. Encapsulates all the faults of the modern political Establishment. This response to Trump’s victory reveals why Trump was victorious. Because those who do politics these days — the political establishment, the media, the academy, the celeb set — are so contemptuous of ordinary people, so hateful of the herd, so convinced that the mass of society cannot be trusted...
Pretty funny.Has there ever been a Presidential couple in US history more egregious/roguish than the Clintons?You know for sheer bald face effrontery and chutzpah when shovelling other people's cash into their accounts?
Meanwhile as January 20th looms there will still be work to be done....
New Posts  All Forums: