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This... very sharp mate! Very Bestetti aesthetic.
Classic stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XjDqIG7jvA
Even though my 20 something sons grew up completely with metric they seem to have absorbed imperial by osmosis because all parents count that way having no innate feel for metric. So they basically understand imperial without ever studying it.Bizarre really.What is irritating in imperial to metric changed countries for oldies is the flipping between millimetres and centimetres.Very annoying and confusing.
Beautiful shapes.
50th Anniversary of the first World Surfing Championship at Manly Sydney 1964 http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/northern-beaches/recalling-world-championship-surfing-triumph-50-years-on/story-fngr8hax-1226920462998
The antiquing looks superb.
beautiful loafers! Love the mild spade sole.
Interesting and sad aspect of that shot of the lasts is that the great Polish leader and hero - General Sikorski - had already demised in a suspicious plane crash in Gibraltar in 1943. That last really should be remitted to Poland as a national treasure.
What shoes are you wearing their mate? The look like 40s vintage spades soles. Whole look is sharp.
What I can't understand is the discrepancy between pricing in the Salvos stores. The prices in petit bourgeois Gladesville are higher than the Norvern Beaches so they end up with so much unsold stuff 6 months later the $100 Hugo Boss suit is $10. Can't work it out.
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