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C&J Ranch Hides I picked up a few years ago. I don't know when they were made but they have a very 21st century vibe.
Who are the red shoes made by?
It hit 40C in Sydney today , Now its 19C and raining! Went with something to keep the feet cool. 1940s woven Deco Adelaides with the ubiquitous Irish linen suit..
My 1940s spades arrived. Now enjoying a well earned drink of Cadillac conditioner. Good fit and very nice too. No sizing or maker's mark anywhere so maybe they were MTM/bespoke made?
The croc sandals are a classic!
Price! and too many other shoes vintage and modern. I was wearing one of my favourite vintage pair todays my 1940s Stetson Avenues. I must confess I love walking in thick soled shoes. They seem more comfortable over a distance.
Just noticed that there are no Bettanin and Venturi shoes in the Barneys present collection. Have they dropped them after so many years?
No one at home in the Obama Regime http://www.politico.com/story/2016/01/obamas-vanishing-administration-217344#.mzx4ovw:nYNX
Mine are one of my go to shoes and very comfortable after more than a years wear. The Indian girls at work particularly love the 'red' shoes! Fabulous design the Moore.
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