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Nice suit
They finally arrived on the 22 December after arriving in Sydney on the 17th December. To think I paid USD46 for the privilege of this eBay enforced shipping. And then the seller forgot to put the shoetrees in the parcel!
I am still waiting for a pair of Vass I bought in the US on the 8th Dec and with the stupid Pitney Bowes shipping/eBay Tracked ripoff the parcel spent 6 days moving back and forward all over the USA and now has arrived Down Under on the 17th and still not shown up. I am leaving work on 23 so this will be interesting. Plus about 30% more for shippingthan first class international that you used to pay in the USA. evilBay.
I have about 6 pairs of C&J. Handgrade and benchmade. Vintage and recent. Have to say their aesthetic particularly the 338 handgrade last is a beauty . Classic style and construction you don't find with Carmina.I'd have to say EG is more comfortable but C&J look better on your feet.I suspect now that Herringbone have dropped C&J that is why they are taking them up.Not to say Carmina does not make a good shoe for the price either.
So unusual like a ghillie dubmonk. Trust the Italians!
Is it sold?
Rahm Emanuel. Former CoS to Obama. I rest my case. http://www.city-journal.org/2015/eon1215ar.html
The Portuguese made ones in Myers Sydney mens level made by RM Williams looked good.
Sydney 1940 film discovered in the USAhttps://youtu.be/NvzSIxCm19I
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