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Whoa! Bontoni?
This is rubbish. Anyone who seriously wears vintage shoes knows what they are doing re hygiene etc. Most shoes are barely worn.Do me a favour and don't trash the thread. Stick to your own thread please. Your comments are unnecessary.
Those were brand new NOS.BTW. You need to get over your second hand shoes obsession. Have you heard of eBay?I have 70 year old shoes I wear to work regularly. I wear them as tribute to America's wonderful lost shoe industry and all its magnificence and genius.I am sure the guys upstairs are looking down and applauding me.Nothing weird here.
1940s Nettleton Ventilated Spade Spectators
Woo hoo!
Very nice!
Very interesting toning like modern burnishing. Definite 40s with the lack of the V cleat and quality of manufacture not to mention last shape. I hope you did not sell them for a song. They are like a $300 shoe on eBay. What size were they?
I think earlier like the later 50s with that slightly spade sole like bulge and the heel design
Never forget Mad Dogs and Englishmen wore the grooves off the LP and the movie was just as good if not more engaging.
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