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Back to the Future Late 1930s J&M Handmades for the venerable firm Roger Peet (RIP). Superbly comfortable in size 11D (US)
You are suggesting spousal dereliction of duty?Total agreement
C&J seem to fit a space where they fall between the lower end but good quality UK brands and the EG high end G&G stratospheric etc. Their handgrades are a particularly nice shoe to wear with any outfit.
Glad to be appreciated.C&J for RL Bentons from the earliy noughties up specced handgrades. Basically rebadged tan coloured Belgraves?What I love about C&J hand grades is the way they patina up easily.
Norman Vilalta http://vimeo.com/99282383
Look forward to it.
New meaning to the expression OTT http://www.mrporter.com/en-gb/mens/etro/leather-calf-hair-and-check-oxford-shoes/454950
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