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Merry Xmas to all of yous guys...!
http://www.news.com.au/finance/real-estate/bootmaking-brothers-sydney-workshop-for-sale/story-fnd91nhy-1227124023954 http://news.domain.com.au/domain/real-estate-news/perkal-brothers-workshop-sells-for-171-million-20141213-126h2v.html http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/insidethecollection/2014/12/curating-shoes-from-heel-to-toe/
Can't beat vintage Nettletons.
Wrong teams.
http://meccariello-calzoleria.tumblr.com/post/98483505970/the-original-box-calf Today what is commonly refered to as box calf is an chrome tanned, full-grain, aniline-dyed leather, usually in black. It has lost the tell tale ‘box’ or ‘willow’ grain pattern since it is no longer hand curried/boarded, instead it is mechanised and the leather run through rollers. One of the last tanneries that still hand curried and boarded leather for footwear uppers was W.E & J. Pebody...
1950s Alan McAfee navy blue and white spectators
On my experience of the US make ups the 11D is a better fit for me. Saying all that he is me today a few years after I started wearing a pair of C&J for RLs from the noughties in 10.5D. Handgrade specs.
I have a Poulsen Skone C&J pair that are handgrade specs. That was a bargain.
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