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Hollyhock House relaunch http://www.latimes.com/home/la-hm-hollyhock-20150207-story.html
Cop of the year because imagine the price next year with the diving dollar?
First person in Sydney with Bestettis?
Thanks I have been wondering what the milkshake Moriartys look like in the flesh.
Really enjoying their $700 lounges in my back room especially the one on sale at $400.
A dodgy developer in my suburb had some offices in there once and I had to go in to see a real estate agent I knew. So that is the only time I went it in but in its day it was a top address for companies. Tired building now but well situated.
Here is the finished product in Sydney. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/frank-gehrys-uts-dr-chau-chak-wing-building-opened-the-most-beautiful-squashed-brown-paper-bag-ever-seen-20150202-132seq.html
Very cool. wonderful in fact.
LOL! See those guys in the white coats over there.
Why did you get them in black?
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