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1940s Stetson Avenues. Wear them maybe once a month usually in winter.
They were RMs and she tossed them out. The only place to have them re-screwed is RMs apparently. The alternative is a regular resole.
No wonder she had problems with her computer. Total doofus.
Talking to my Germany based brother he informed me the screwed down variety of boots his daughter bought in Australia were a disaster as the screws ended up penetrating the inner boot. He prefers Baxter for fit.
Very nice shoes
Looks like I was right. Obama is shameless. http://nypost.com/2016/08/18/state-department-400m-cash-to-iran-was-contingent-on-us-prisoners-release/
Obama Catastrophe #65 Krauthammer: Russian Ops In Iran And Syria Signal "The Collapse Of The Obama Policy" Posted By Tim Hains On Date August 17, 2016 Charles Krauthammer comments on the news that Russian planes are flying over Iraq to operate in Syria from bases in Iran. CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: It’s hitting a lot of the moderate rebels who are in Aleppo, which is the battle going on right now, and the rebels are on the defense. If they lose, which they are losing, it...
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