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No one takes that fake news seriously. Breitbart is very reliable and an antidote to the usual MSM progressivist crap.So true. Most of the climate change crap is pure fakery as discovered in Britain with that university scandal. Just another technique for the Left rent seekers to pillage the public purse and cause grief to punters.The Left wing Labor Government in South Australia closed the coal fired power station a year ago and recently SA had storm event that caused an...
'Spectacular 50s colour and the double stitching technique as well.
Sanger and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg agree with you especially if you are Afro American.Just a pretty normal response from the individuals on this thread. Hence why Trump got elected and they sit out in the ever increasing cold.Sad really. The conservatives in the Conservative Party have let themselves be muffled and allowed a general progressive agenda reign supreme in Canada to the point that you have that fuckwit PM Trudeau praising Fidel Castro...though to national...
USD500 million last year and they were still caught selling fetal body parts.Where does the money really go at Planned Parenthood?
In the past week, Trump voters have become the biggest archaeological dig in journalism, with the New York Times last weekend outputting three reports on lost tribes in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-new-trump-democrats-1479343424?mod=social_content_enginlife
Thanks for cleaning that up PIo.As for the education comment by CBrown85, did the teachers' unions tell you that?The USA has a poor education system going on available results especially in poor areas. This is thanks to years of indoctrination by Leftist teachers unions and Leftist educationalist theorists (Australia is not much different).Any move to charter school or any method of giving kids in poor areas a break is welcome.
Exactly = distribution of scarce resources.You can never expect too much of the Clintons but this recount farce is the best so far. Without any reason to do so they suddenly have to join the Greens' stunt.We have had the student demos, Black Lives Matter, the Occupy Whatever City Movement and now this .What other pre-revolutionary activity has Clinton got planned before the Big Day?On Saturday, Hillary Clinton’s general counsel Marc Elias said that the campaign would be...
New Posts  All Forums: