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Lovely [/quote]I've got me one of them (vintage) and have a 7.5 I'd like to sell.
That curved side brogueing is a treat.
I month moratorium on MECCARIELLO? Def Cat 4 with major loss of folding stuff.
Minimum moratorium for shoe tragics with Category 4 addiction is 3 months!
I don't much like split toes for some unknown reason but they are grand.
This would have to be the all time time sell-off of the best shoes money can buy.. A veritable Aladdin's Cave for shoe tragics. Top seller IMO
Lovely colour
I had to send back a pair of Barker Dovers to Ireland that were ostensibly 10UK but fitted like a big UK10.5/UK 11. I am thinking I may have to buy a size UK9. Unheard of for me - a standard UK10.
No its a Filipino straw. Not a fine fibre like a Buntal or Baku.It hasn't arrived yet.
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