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I'm 6'4", ~250 lbs, so my soles and heels wear out quite quicker than they would be for someone more average sized. Anyway, my cobbler suggested to put protective soles on them, and I'm quite happy with the result: I hope this will last longer.
My local cobbler sells AE & Alden for 25% off MSRP, so yes.
You are my brother in crime, lol! I wear 14E, and it has been the struggle of my life. Allen Edmonds is probably the only brand of shoes that can accomodate people like you and me - most stop making shoes right at the 12-13 line, some make 14, but they're too narrow.
Balmoral = Oxford Blucher = Derby These are just American vs. British terms.
I would like a pair in 14E, any chance I could get them in such size?
More to add to the list: Shoes: PWMinor Munro American Boots: Lucchese (only the lowest end resistol ranch boots are made in Mexico)
Get a country club navy blazer (looks like they no longer make them in black or green) and the third one. Made in USA!
Do you still have any available? I would be interested in L1505 in 13EE or 13EEE. Let me know. Thanks!
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