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For those of you with $$$ still left... My GF told me that her SA notified her today of a buy 3 get 50% off sale starting 1/5/12. Not as good as 54% off we just had, but this is just a few bucks...
Lol, you're welcome. Do ya'll want the kids' and women's sections too?
My SA gave me their sale booklet about 1 month ago, but asked not to share or tell anyone, but now I can share with you. I took pictures of everything until you reach the kids and women's section. My DW marked the things she would like me to get, so please pardon the tags.
I owni 24 pairs or Rochester shoe trees. Very satisfied with quality. You can get them in larger quantities without retail packaging for about $15 each
I am! Did some damage there...
Nowhere near as much as it used to be though... About 10 years ago, almost all BB blazers and sport coats were made here in the USA. Only their ties, a few shirts and trousers are still made here. The outlet store has zero things made in USA, while their regular store has only very select few items. I'm a big fan and supporter of Made in USA, but it seems my options get more and more limited every year
I'll pull a trigger on country club navy blazer. Last year I bought the country club green blazer. I'll get the older model with Loro Piana fabric instead of the Saxxon - the fit is amazingly very very different! A lot of their lower end line navy blazers are made in Canada, and most sport coats come from Thailand, unfortunately.
While this is highly unethical, they kinda understand that with the store credit you don't really have any other choice than just buy some of their overpriced stuff. Even at 40% off, their margins are still a few hundred percent.
I was told yes... I guess they go with outerwear or maybe leather goods? I'd call a store, probably.
Okay, got the sale list from BB store in Troy! Looks like my trip will be made on Thursday to get a Country Club blazer!
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