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Yes, it is made in Japan.
I've had the brooks brothers cordovan wallet for some 2 years now, and the outside still looks new! Prior to this, I had the AE cordovan wallet, and not only did it not look great, but also the threads started falling apart less than 1 year after use. I've been really impressed with the overall quality and craftsmanship of the BB wallet. Does anyone know who the OEM is for their wallets? The OEM must have even more different models of the same quality, but my search so...
Add me to the 14 club (14E). Finding vintage styles is tough... I've got watchlists for both AE 14D and 14E on eBay, and the availability of 14Ds outnumber the E counterparts by 10:1.
I'll be eyeing to get another cordovan wallet this year. That is hands down the best wallet I've ever owned, and since it seems they will be discontinued, I'll try to get one before they're all gone.
Last year sales got better with 40% + 20% off after Christmas. Might be worthwhile to wait.
Allen Edmonds for sure. First of all, Alden is tough to get in my size (14E), and AE offers excellent quality, much wider retailer network with excellent customer support. Also, you can often score AE on a great sale, unlike Alden.
Very nice collection, reminds me of mine.Bel Air is probably my favorite and most comfortable shoe I own and use most.
I think these are the ones that won the "competition" by those design students. All of their designs were just plain awful, I don't know if any of you had a chance to see them back when the competition was going on back in February-March...
I use xxxl for my ae 14e and other 14d. They're definitely not too big for those, so I would suggest against getting the smaller ones. I hope this helps!
I just came from the AE store in Troy, and the Positanos were not on sale! Could it be specific to your store? I've been eyeing the Positano and Verona loafers for a while now, and I did miss the $199 deal from last year. As a side note, it seems that their width selection for italian shoes has become rather limited - I need 14E, and there are none to be found anymore!
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