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90 for the city kahki's Priority shipping included. For anyone wondering why I put 32 instead of 33 Versace runs one size bigger so you have to down one size. I think the polo is going stay. Trades accepted.
Diesel are down to 55. Buy both Pdc for 55 All for 105. (extra 5 for shipping)
Quote: Originally Posted by venessian O, madonna ghin, ghin; se ghin no, sciau... i see the look your going for, versace takes my vote any day. their details are great, some thing you wont get tired of looking at.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Canuker A rise in the ground water table could force water through your floor. I would do as Norcal said and see what gives with the next big rains. how close is your house to any bodys of water? could be a zoneing problem if the water is coming ground up. your best bet is sourcing the leak, any water proofing to the walls/floors can be done yourself if you dont mind putting in the elbow grease. if you wanna...
i was a heavy smoker when i was younger. died out a bit still smoke when i feel like it. i belive it has some medical use, its good for those who cant sleep. have anxiety, lack of appetite, it works wonders on those with skitzofrania also great socializer as someone mentioned, it allows you to enjoy people better. eating>smoking thc- kill two birds with one stone.
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 Those champagne mangos aren't as good as the red/green ones, in my opinion. champagne mangos are tart, i like them. red/yellow tend to be sweeter and hold more juice. -my fav at the moment are pom's and passion fruit
jf90 -usps priority -paypal/moneyorder/cash -trades (just offer) -offers are accepted aswell. versace city cut denim -sz33x34 fits 32x34 -worn 1x -$90>80 ralph lauren golf cap -one size -still has tags on -$20>15 ralph lauren american flag knit -sz medium -worn a couple times, tag was ripped though. -$35>30 polo jeans company sweater sz L fits M -worn a couple times -$25>20 rugby by ralph lauren 100% wool -szM -never worn, no tags -$50>40 diesel x adidas-...
How much are the belts
Quote: Originally Posted by JF90 Giannis have been sold -Versace collection polo-$100 -Versace collection city fit khaki-$100 Trades accepted- drop 170 for the pair. will be adding more denim soon paper denim sample, paper denim selvage, diesel x adidas sample
Giannis have been sold -Versace collection polo-$100 -Versace collection city fit khaki-$100 Trades accepted-
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