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Shipped a few things there recently - have never had any problems, but then again I always ship USPS Express.
Stopped by my local discount store for the first time in a long time as I was in the area. Picked up a new wallet for $12.99 that I couldn't resist: [[SPOILER]] Then I was ambushed by a pack of wild panthers for $2 each. Sock drawer filled! [[SPOILER]] And staying on topic and since it has been discussed here recently - below are the only socks I have ever picked up/found in a thrift. Found them about a month ago:
My apologies - I have only ever seen "Blanc Blu" as a super high end fabric used by Kiton. I thought you were referring to that. I've never heard of a separate brand in itself of the same name.
Anybody order any of the Drakes grenadines from Gilt? Received mine in the mail today - definitely NOT grenadine. Not advertised as grenadine, but the picture on the site does not match what I received. Bummed. Edit: I'm specifically referring to the solid silver ones.
^^^Those look stamped to me.
Price Drop!
Drops on all remaining ties.
^^^^Love those hearts!!! Quick shout-out to both Nataku and SomethingsFishy for working with me on a few recent transactions. My feet have never been happier.
Brioni 100% Blue Linen 40R added today!
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