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The "Subtract 10" rule is indeed unreliable, particularly in larger sizes, since the sizing systems are using different units of measurement (Centimeters and Inches). To convert to US measurements, double to get the circumference in centimeters and divide by 2.54 to convert centimeters to inches. So a European 48 corresponds to a US 37.8, or approximately a US 38. A European 58 corresponds to a US 45.7, or approximately a US 46.
"Amazeballs!" will now be the first word in all of my listings. Thanks
Would a scenario where the buyer returns something outside of the managed return process, and the seller then refunds the payment and initiates a cancel transaction process fall under this? If so, that would be asinine.
I think the OP is right and its the other way around - I always subtract 2" from the chest measurement to get the size. i.e. a 44" chest will be a size 42, a 46" chest a size 44, etc. In this case the 47-48" chest should equate to about a 45-46.
If you are paying listing fees, that would probably make sense. I forget the requirements to qualify for free listing (insertion) fees, but I have not paid them in a long time, therefore having my listings repopulate as "new" listings every 7 or 10 days makes the most sense for me.
I don't think sig confirmation is available with international Priority Mail shipments. For that you would need Express Mail - which is what I would recommend anyway. Should be around $50 or so.
Now THIS is awesome. Has anybody tried this in their auctions? I might have to re-think my listing style.
Buyer backed out - this is available once again!
36R restocked!
Another 40R added today!
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