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More Zegna mainline added today!
I recently picked up this black Isaia SC that fits better than anything has ever fit me before. I also do not own a black SC. I also understand that black SC's are frowned upon here - so please refrain from regurgitating this SF groupthink here as I am already well aware of it. This is not a troll thread, seriously. First, I would be wearing this in fairly casual circumstances. The current buttons are black, but was thinking of swapping them out. Any advice on...
Price Drop!
Added tons of NWT and current model Zegna mainline!
Edit* Buyer backed out, this is once again available.
Price Drops on Everything!!
REALLY REALLY REALLY would rather not sell this - but circumstances dictate otherwise. :ember: Reasonable offers will be considered. Absolutely stunning Cucinelli leather jacket in a light brown or British tan. Butter-soft leather outer with an incredibly luxurious cashmere/silk lining. Made in Italy. Size M, would fit an EU 50-52 or US 40-42. Retail price somewhere between $4k and $6k or so. Creates a nice, trim silhouette with dual side vents. In absolutely...
Added Zegna Milano Fit, Isaia, Borrelli, Bamford & Sons, Hickey Freeman and Versace! Price drops on the remainders!
Still have much to learn I do
I'll officially defer to Spoo - but my instinct is that the first 2 are old (but genuine), and the Versace is fake. I think those 2 Versace labels are from different time periods.
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