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Something special that was just added. Also have tons of other stuff listed - feel free to PM for an SF price! NWT 2015 KITON Solid Navy 97% VICUNA Suit Side Vent Flat Front 54 43 44R $32,850 Also listed in the B/S here.
Both Attolini suits have sold pending payment - Kiton still available
Nah - Really, I'm still not quite comfortable being baller enough to list it - let alone name a price. Give it time, I may come around
It has been quite some time since I have been active here (or posted anything for sale), as life and family commitments have left me little time to do so. As a welcome back, I'm listing for sale here 3 VERY SPECIAL SUITS.Prices include shipping in CONUS via USPS with signature confirmation. Express NetJets delivery option available for a nominal fee (thanks SimonC).HERE WE GO...SUIT 1: ATTOLINI FOR DOMENICO VACCA CHARCOAL STRIPE FLANNEL SUIT - 40R SOLD [[SPOILER]]...
Sold a suit for $350. Shipped signature confirmation as I always do for anything over $250. I get the following message from the buyer a few days later: "No one has ever requested a signature for anything I have ordered form eBay or Amazon. I am never here to sign for a receipt and I am too busy to go to the post office for your convenience. Please just deliver the item, send me $350 for an hour of my time to go to the post office for you or refund my money and keep...
Pair of brand new 2013 model Cantarelli suits. Staple solid mid-gray and solid mid-brown lightweight flannel. Both suits are very trim fit, particularly in the pants - please see the specific measurements. See spoilers for detailed pictures.Price of $500 $450 per suit includes shipping within CONUS, insured with signature confirmation. International please inquire. Paypal only.SOLID MID-GRAY - SOLD PENDING PAYMENT- 100% Virgin Wool- 3 Roll 2- Non-Functional Cuffs- Dual...
Thanks - but I was referring to the name above it.
This is why Second Chance Offer exists. I've saved a ton of sales by this process.
Grail pant finds today. All 3 are from same donor (I think) and are my size, so N/A.Current PRL Italy Wool Blackwatch, appear to be NWOT:Another pair of PRL:And a pair of RLPL seersuckers (kinda, see spoiler below).Check out the fabric composition: [[SPOILER]]
A few sold - added a NWOT Cantarelli tartan flannel in 38R.
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