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FWIW, I have a couture suit in 14 micron, and that fabric is absolutely amazing.
Spoo did it first - I just thought it fitting to use his pic right back at him
Gravati mega-splits:
E-Thrift. 2 pairs of BNIB Gravati's in my size for $75 each. Thought I would just flip one (or both) given the fact that they are split-toe wingtips - but they came today and are seriously growing on me. That, and they might be the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on. Now I'm conflicted.
Wait - am I seeing this correct that they charging $175 for pairs of cotton Incotex?
New Zegna and Isaia added, and prices slashed once again on everything!
It's my size so it's a keeper . Although apparently it is missing an inner liner, but I live in a pretty temperate climate so not too big of a deal for me.
$40 at an estate sale this weekend. How'd I do? [[SPOILER]]
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