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Would a scenario where the buyer returns something outside of the managed return process, and the seller then refunds the payment and initiates a cancel transaction process fall under this? If so, that would be asinine.
I think the OP is right and its the other way around - I always subtract 2" from the chest measurement to get the size. i.e. a 44" chest will be a size 42, a 46" chest a size 44, etc. In this case the 47-48" chest should equate to about a 45-46.
If you are paying listing fees, that would probably make sense. I forget the requirements to qualify for free listing (insertion) fees, but I have not paid them in a long time, therefore having my listings repopulate as "new" listings every 7 or 10 days makes the most sense for me.
I don't think sig confirmation is available with international Priority Mail shipments. For that you would need Express Mail - which is what I would recommend anyway. Should be around $50 or so.
Now THIS is awesome. Has anybody tried this in their auctions? I might have to re-think my listing style.
Buyer backed out - this is available once again!
36R restocked!
Another 40R added today!
Very recent Ermenegildo Zegna Cashmere/Silk solid navy lightweight v-neck sweater. Size M/50. Stands up to any similar Cucinelli I've owned. Hate to let this go, but its just a hair too small. Would love to trade for something similar in an L/52. Excellent condition with no issues, just slightly wrinkled at the moment.Chest: 22"Shoulders: 17.75"Total length: 26.5"Sleeves: 25" [[SPOILER]]
VERY rare suit by Ermenegildo Zegna, produced with Zegna's most exclusive fabric - 13 Micron (approximately Super 220s). This suit is brand new and unworn - tags removed. Tagged 54L (EU). Color is a light/mid gray with purple stripes. Milano fit. Current quote from Zegna customer service for a Su Misura suit in 13 micron is $8500. The suit is a stock Milano 54L, but has been commissioned with extra padding in the right shoulder. This can be removed by a good...
New Posts  All Forums: