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Added Zegna and Brioni Shirts
Question: I'm looking for a pair of jeans in a different color than indigo blue (like some shade of grey maybe) that has the same or similar fit to the APC Rescue. I am fit but have fairly muscular legs so the New Standards were just too skin tight for me in the thighs. I love my APC Rescues, and just wished they came in more than just one color. If it helps I am normally a 33-34 waist and wear a 31 in APC Rescue.
Moar Drops
Drops on C&J Loafers and LP Pants
Added Crockett and Jones Blue Suede Loafers!
consolidated threads and a few drops..
^^^^Thanks Noobizor, the holes is so small I think that might actually work
Found about 5 mint Robert Talbott Estate Bespoke shirts, all size 15/33 for $10 each. Didn't pick them up though because all were monogrammed on the sleeves (and one on the chest), and not my size. Super nice shirts, retail i guess is $275ish. If anybody wants me to proxy let me know, I may just go back and pick them up anyway, I think someone on here said its somewhat easy to remove monogramming with the correct tool. Also found my first stitch of RLPL ever! ...
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