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Check My Other Sales Threads! (Links in Sig) All ties are gently worn with no visible flaws unless noted. All prices include shipping within CONUS. Will provide discount for multiple tie purchases. Left to right: 1) Stefano Ricci 4" $40 --> $35 --> $SOLD 2) NWT Brioni 3.5" $75 --> $70 --> $SOLD 3) Borrelli $40 --> $35 --> $SOLD 4) NWT Vineyard Vines 3.75" $40 --> $35 --> $25 --> $SOLD (This tie is money - trust me) 5) Altea Milano 3.75" $25 --> $SOLD 6) Luciano...
Free bump for a fellow seller with an awesome NOS Nettleton Exotic! (See sig )
Added Zegna Couture XXX Bluchers
Anybody know anything about Gianfranco Ferre Couture suits? I've not heard much chatter about Ferre on SF. I passed a 6x2 DB the other day that appeared to be of very good quality, was definitely fully canvassed and nice material. Only thing that dated it was the lack of vents, but otherwise I would have picked it up.
Added AE Lexingtons
Added magnannis
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