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^^^Unfortunately I believe it is an orphan, however the styling lends it useful as a SC, unless I'm horribly mistaken. i looked all over for the pants, but no dice. I'll be returning every few days to see if they are put out.
Haven't posted in a while because I took a little break from thrifting/stopped finding anything. However, I felt I had to post today what I found in a local shop that has historically produced DIDDLY for me. Polo 3 roll 2 Made in Italy 100% Flax Unstructured SC. 42R. My pictures don't capture the color at all, it is a gorgeous vibrant navy blue, just a perfect summer SC. Right next to it: not measured but probably around a 38R. And finally, right next to...
More drops on Samuelsohn and Loro Piana..........Nobody wants a NEW Samuelsohn SUPER 150's Suit for $250????
Drops on all shirts!
Added Robert Talbott Estate Shirts
Added Zegna and Brioni Shirts
Question: I'm looking for a pair of jeans in a different color than indigo blue (like some shade of grey maybe) that has the same or similar fit to the APC Rescue. I am fit but have fairly muscular legs so the New Standards were just too skin tight for me in the thighs. I love my APC Rescues, and just wished they came in more than just one color. If it helps I am normally a 33-34 waist and wear a 31 in APC Rescue.
Moar Drops
Drops on C&J Loafers and LP Pants
Added Crockett and Jones Blue Suede Loafers!
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