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I bought them here on Styleforum, worn twice. I needed a pair of boots with more traction than my DBs, and I slip a lot less on snow thanks to the studded sole on these. I also didn't realize they were this shiny from the pictures. It's rather the opposite: I had a hard time finding a functional pair of shoes that looked good, because I can't afford the ones I like, and I only happened to get AE boots because they were pretty cheap.
I just got my first pair of good shoes, a pair of Allen Edmonds chukkas. I used to wear Clark's DBs. They're rather uncomfortable: they hurt my knees and heels, and my back as well. Does this get better with time? Also, the left shoe is a little small and rubs onto my smaller toes. Will they take the shape of my foot with wear? Can something be done? They're also a little too shiny for my taste (ideally, I would have gone for suede). What products can help? Thanks.
Looking to buy a pair of boots. No slippery soles. Preferably cap or plain toe, and rather round. I wear a size 7.5US in Clark's DBs, 8US in Vans. Red Wings, Katahdins, Wolverine and such are usually too chunky for my taste, but if you've got something even remotely close to the description, just shoot. 200$ is my upper limit. I'm in Ottawa, ON, Canada.
No brown, black, kelly green, or navy colorways. Anything else will be considered. I wear XS in J.Crew, Gitman Vintage, and Steven Alan shirts. Am especially interested in puffers. Needs to be warm enough for -30°C. I'm in Ottawa, ON, Canada.
Free bump, got the APC jacket and the SA shirt for 160$.
Hey, what's the fabric like on your SA shirt? Can I also get sleeve and neck measurements for both the SA and the RRL?
Hello everyone, just going to repost what /fa/ managed to turn into a debate about what discrete and discreet mean... Quote: I have brown cords, khakis, and raw denim. white jeans as well but i'm not going to wear them this f/w I think. Anyway I need shoes or boots that will look good with all of those, something casual, heavy enough for a canadian winter (no DBs), and relatively discreet. suggestions? Just a pointer, I don't have an unlimited budget....
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