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There is no Nordstrom in Ottawa, though I'm looking at the website right now. I might buy a cheap suit from B&S and work on getting a good one later if it's no good so I don't have to worry about getting it in time and stuff.
That's for prom. But since I'm buying a navy suit, I might just wear that instead; I'm pretty sure most people aren't going to be wearing tuxedos.
I have to go to Moore's today anyway (my rental tux has arrived... ); I'll see what's available. If I have time, I'll make my way to the Bay as well, take some pictures, post them here and go back to buy the suit later.
I'm in Ottawa, ON; neither are in my area (yet; apparently Nordstrom is coming soon), but there's always Sears, Moores, the Bay, Winners (pretty much Marshalls), etc. Am I really better off getting a suit there?
I can always do that and keep a tie around, see how the others (half my grade will be there) are dressed, and put it on if necessary. So I've got ~850$ to buy a suit, a shirt, a tie, and a belt (assuming there are belt loops); I just don't know where.
I don't. I'm 17. Do you think a suit would be more appropriate? The invitation calls for semi-formal dress.
Hello, I'm invited to the Embassy of France on the 22nd and I need to find a navy blazer and a white or light blue dress shirt as I don't have any at the moment. I've already ordered a pair of brown AE Park Ave. and I'm getting grey flannel trousers, a navy (not sure about this) tie, and a white pocket square from Howard Yount. I usually fit into J.Crew's XS (13.5/32, approximately) but they don't go that low for dress shirts. I think I wear something like a 36, but I'm...
Need them for prom. Closed lacing please, and no perforations on the toe cap would be best. I don't have tons of money laying around and having a pair of black oxfords isn't really a priority to me at this point, so under 80$ would be nice. Thanks in advance.
You could, and you wouldn't change my taste; I don't like the outfits you've posted as I feel they look incoherent. At any rate, the issue is even less worthy of discussion than usual since the OP doesn't care about looking goofy, apparently. I'm going to assume all he wants are some examples and opinions so he can see what he prefers and aligns with.OP, if I had to wear a bow tie, I would try to make my outfit as coherent as possible. No green bow tie with a red shirt...
HS student here: don't wear a bow tie. Keep it simple, contemporary and casual. Someone might have worn a tie to school back in the day, but not anymore; you'd look out of place. Blazers shouldn't be worn without a collared shirt, suitable pants, and, arguably, a tie. That whole outfit doesn't belong in school. A simple sweater, a shirt, jeans/cords/chinos and some casual shoes (DBs, simple sneakers, chukkas, boat shoes) will keep you looking good without seeming like an...
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