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It's soon going to be -30°C again here in Ottawa. Keep my skinny ass warm. Prefer down jackets. $300 is my max. Best to email to get in touch.
Clarks: suede, sand or brown, preferably 7.5US Authentics: off-white, black, or brown
OCBDs, Madras, and so on. Get in touch!
Sand, Taupe, Oakwood, Brown and Flint colorways only please. Shipping to Ontario.
Hey everyone, should I get the waist taken in on this jacket? Snagged it on eBay, going to replace the worn-out painted braided leather buttons with horn, but I'm not sure if I should get the waist taken in. Keep in mind I'm eighteen; I'm not a fan of very tight jackets but I don't think I can pull off more comfortable styles as well as an older gent.Also, from what I understand the collar on a jacket should pretty much stick to your neck. Is this too much of gap? It sits...
If you can get yourself a well-fitting tuxedo, you will stand out (in a good way). I don't understand how you could think such a simple outfit could be construed as "tacky". Clothes don't have to be out of the ordinary to look great, you know.
For it to be a fashion "statement", people who wear US-made clothing would need to expect people (or at least people they want to communicate to) to recognize it's from the US, no? How does a label inside a shirt do this? This seems more personal than, say, selvedge jeans, which are pretty much always cuffed. Trend, yes, fashion statement, not sure.
New or used. Also looking for XS shirts and XS sweaters.
Looking for sweaters sized XS (I wear around 13.5/24-25 in shirts, 34-36 chest), new or used. Wool preferred. Also looking for shirts and 28x30 pants.
Looking for shirts sized XS or around 13.5/24-25, new or used. Also looking for sweaters and 28x30 pants.
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