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Just got back - Great store - Picked up a W+H Sweater cause it's cold and rainy....which makes for a great excuse! Nice guys - Great service! All the best, DS
I love the look of this Bag. Sent an email and got a response from the owner and designer! - She's really easy to talk to and I ordered a couple of Christmas gifts from them. I can't wait to see the bags in the flesh! I am not affiliated with them - but thought I should post to let you guys know!
Bump for a great seller!
Just bought some stuff before the sale and was going to buy more - but it seems that the site is down now down due to bandwidth limitations.....*heavy Sigh*
will try to send you a PM. Thanks
Hi - Is this thing still for sale? How does it work? I don't have enough posts to send PM - please PM my your info. Thanks, DS
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