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Has this "guy you know" talked to other employees about this marketing decision? Aside from the discount, how do they feel about it?
I've noticed that BB has significantly increased prices across the board as well. Their regular prices are getting ridiculous. Peal and Co captoes are now $648. lol. I wish consumers didn't buy into the "sale all the time" model. BB's sales aren't the value they used to be because MSRP has increased 20-40% across the board. To me, it cheapens the brand. Also, I don't see how you can ever get back out of this model once you start. Seems like short sighted decision,...
Earlier today, I placed an order for the Strand in brown (Brooks Bros), and Ralph Lauren's Sanderson in Tan from AE's. I placed the order through the AE Freeport Maine outlet. Paid $149 and $129 respectively for each. I highly recommend calling either Jennifer or Allison at Freeport. They were both professional and on the ball. I called and asked for a size list and they literally sent it to me as I we were talking. They called me back twice to update me on...
I'll give them another try eventually because their products do look great. Today was just a huge let down. Maybe I'll call ahead next time and see if one of the guys you mentioned is available at a certain time.
I just got back from the new Washington, DC store. I was really excited to see their jackets up close and personal. I planned my whole Sunday around the trip as I had to trek across the city. Unfortunately, the customer service was deplorable - it was nonexistant. I was in the store for over 45 minutes and was not acknowledged once. I have never tried on so many jackets and suit coats in a mens store without being approached. The store was well laid out and the...
This is what I do. Over the past year I've slowly replaced all of my shoetrees with the Woodlore from Nordstrom Rack. They are this model:
Picture is decently true to color. Suit is dark navy, and the tie is a mid-blue. The tie is a little darker in person. Also, it does not have any of the sheen that comes across in the picture. Tie is Robert Talbot Best of Class. It looks great in person. For whatever reason, I feel like the dark navy and this blue clash and look awkward. Maybe its in my head. What do you think?
Great find. I doubt you can get a new suit of similar quality for anywhere near $199.
I would go with a dark brown longwing. They look great for business casual and also are a good choice if you are rocking jeans. Personally, I think the RL Darlton is close to a perfect shoe. I love the built up sole, which makes it perfect for jeans, or more casual wear. They aren't cheap, but definitely would be worth trying to find used or looking for something in a similar style.
Thanks for the opinions so far. I have Peal & Co (made by C&J) black captoes that I will be wearing. I am not against brown (or even walnut) with navy, but for interviews I will be most comfortable in black. Any more opinions on the suit?
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