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I'd buy a black overdyed hoodie no question.
You guys doing the snorkel parka again next year? I didn't decide I wanted one in time for this round.
Chinos look awesome. Are measurements analogous to your other tailored chinos?
I'm in with no or very discreet (Alden style) commando soles. The profile is perfect as is. Preferrably no commando sole, if you want my for real opinion.
This is probably true on the whole but peacoats can be an exception, particularly vintage ones. Do a bit of research and track down one made before 1980, when the spec switched from kersey to melton. Kersey's a tighter weave, making it more windproof and less fuzzy. I've got an early WW2-issue coat and I wear the shit out of it because it is awesome and it cost like $120. Fit is spot on, too.On topic: I swung by West Broadway today and picked up the corduroy work chinos,...
Went to the store and grabbed that gray chambray that was online for thirty seconds-- it's pretty rad. Also ordered the canvas biker jacket but I dunno if it'll actually come. Regardless of whether it does I think I made out pretty well.
Country attire is indeed legit. I got my sapper from them a few years ago, and in addition to being the cheapest source for that model at the time (even with international shipping) they threw in a pretty great scarf.
So it looked like that milkshake Indy had a 360 welt (forgive me if I'm blowing the terminology, but you know what I mean). I've got a pair of the natural CXL tanker boots you had made up a couple months back, and they've got a similar welt. Any chance of getting that applied to an otherwise standard Indy? Or, maybe, an Indy in brown CXL with a commando sole and that welt? Weird detail to get hung up on, I know, but it's at least worth asking. If no, when are you guys...
I know there's basically a macro in this thread that triggers a response every few posts along the lines of "great stuff, Mike and Adele" but not for nothing. I picked up a Caine jacket on Friday and it's top-notch and so was the service, as always. Thanks again. On the history tip: Carroll Gardens is so named as a nod to Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Maryland's most prominent citizen at the time of the signing of the Declaration. He never came to Brooklyn, but I did,...
Thanks guys. Belstaff is what I was thinking, too, but it's tough to find them in any color but black these days. I'll keep my eye out. I saw the RRL jacket in person and while it looks nice the quality just isn't there versus Belstaff/Barbour, especially in regard to hardware. $200? Maybe. $600? Nope.
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