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I am interested in a sc order Cheers
Any news on Formosa sport jackets? Cheers
What color is this? Is this new or used?
also curious about this cheers
so who makes HY's umbrella?
Thanks for the great breakdown, anyone had actual experience with the main line? Are they fully canvassed and who actually makes them?
hi gents i have done some research on Luciano Barbera Mainline and come up short, whats's their suit/sport jackets quality like? fully canvassed? hand stitched details? i know the Sartorale line is made by Partenopea, who makes the main line? cheers!
Thanks for the reply sir! What's the material for the buttons? Horn? Cheers
Would love to see some videos or any updates Thanks!
Anyone got any experiences with G.Abo Napoli? I terms of fits, construction, finish, materials...etc? How does it compare to kiton or attolini? Cheers
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