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keep the offers coming, lets sell this gem! cheers
Park definitely fit me better, the lace closes way better and the toe area seems to be the same as olfe, like you I am really fallen in love with the slightly chiseled shape too
Forest on carmina mostly (9uk), the last for meermins are olfe and park, both 9uk too, Cheers
uhhhhh thank you for the detail break down Yowzer, i was just surprised because i have worn this pair for about 6 times so far, mostly inside of an office thanks!
really? this is normal for Meermin or this is normal for leather soles? None of my Carminas have this issue.
so i have been wearing my first pair of the hand welted Meermin shoes for about two weeks now (3 times a week?), i have been a loyal Carmina guy and when i first received the dark brown museum calf pair from Meermin i was blown away by the shape of the shoes and the quality of the leather, however today when i look at the bottom of the shoes the soles are literally peeling off, i am guessing i got a pair of lemons (i have also just got a pair in plum museum calf, i will be...
Hi When will the next L.A. visit be? Thanks Steven
Borrelli Napoli sports jacket - $450 OBO 38US/48EUR, Shepard's check, (surgeon cuffs, 3 rolls 2, double vents, patch pockets, quarter lined, 100% wool) Chest : 20.25" Shoulder: 17.5" Waist: 18.75" Sleeve: 25" Length: 29" Lapel: 3.75" IIsaia Napoli sports jacket - SOLDSOLD 38US/48EUR, Heather gray, (2 buttons, double vents, patch pockets, quarter lined, 95% wool, 5% silk, super soft to the touch) Chest : 20.5" Shoulder: 17.25" Waist: 19" Sleeve: 24.75" (additional 1"...
Cesare Attolini Napoli mini-houndtooth gray suit, $1700 OBO, 48EUR, 38US Jacket (unfinished sleeves, 3 rolls 2, double vents, 100% wool) Chest : 20.25" Shoulder: 17.75" Waist: 19" Sleeve: 25" Length: 30" Lapel: 4" Pants (un-hemmed) Waist : 16.5" Raise : 10" Cuff width : 8.25" Inseam : 33.5"
New Posts  All Forums: