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lol i actually have freakish long arms for my height :O
Hi 518aata Actually number 5, 6 and 9 are not working cuffs! Thanks!
Went a bit over board last two years buying a lot of jackets, most of these are nwot and nwt, priced to sell quickly! Thanks! 1.) Borrelli Napoli - brown windowpane sport jacket, 38/48, 100% wool, fully lined and fully canvassed, 3 rolls 2, side vents, nwot, SOLD Sleeve 24.75" Chest 20.75" Shoulder 18" Waist 18.75" Length 30" Lapel width 3.5" 2.) Caruso - dark brown with brown checks sport jacket with patch pockets, 38/48, surgeon cuffs, 85% wool, 10% cashmere, 5%...
hi guys need your help here (Greg it would be amazing if you can chime in too), i just got this Formosa suit and i really like the silhouette, my question is is the shoulder too wide for me? i know Formosa suppose to have a bit of drape and some extended shoulder, i am just not sure if its too much on my body type? thanks a lot! S
Also curious about this, saw some real nice shell cordovan wingtip the other day, was 1300 though
New or used? Cheers
Is the gray jacket formosa as well? Omg it's so nice and totally what I am looking for.........
I am interested in a sc order Cheers
Any news on Formosa sport jackets? Cheers
What color is this? Is this new or used?
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