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exercising anytime helps you lose fat
anyone like vanilla ice?
Hell no.
www.shavingstuff.com has some great tips on shaving. You should check them out
Get a girl to suck you off in the morning so you can just fall asleep. That works best
Their products are aite, nothing too bad, nothing too special. Think you should go with another brand if you going to spend that money.
their website looks like shit. i would never buy from a site where they do not care about making their products look presentable.
Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit Only if you are a cyclist...then it's a must. Otherwise, I don't see the point You forget about swimmers? They always shave their legs before a meet as it makes them feel faster in the water
Quote: Originally Posted by Theory That energy mist business is pretty silly. Snake oil if you ask me, like many products these days. Water + Kyoku + Safety Razor + Moisturizer. Never tried the Kyoku cream. You know where I can get a sample?
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles The day I use 5 products just to shave is the day I stop shaving. Give me some barbasol and moisturizer. If you read in between the lines, using all those products is not just for shaving. Its for general maintenance on your skin with shaving tacked on to it. Nothing wrong with educating a man about how to take care of your skin. Your skin is your appearance and people skimp out on spending money...
New Posts  All Forums: