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I can understand your weewee getting sore the next day after you have sex like 3+ times in one day, but the soreness only should last a day at most. Are you choking the chicken with too much force??????????????? Maybe use more lube when you do it
Now anyone see a man walking around naked with a full-blown boner???????????
mild stomach flu nothing to worry about. you will end up farting it out
just plain deceptive!
The best hair products must be styling wax. Keeps your hair looking natural while providing hold.
Anyone try the AXE pomade? Seems like a great price and quantity!
maybe you have erectile dynsfunction if you can stay hard when you look at your gf/wife naked, it means you are still attracted to her. if not, i think it is time to move on
$500/week working 10 hour days 5 days a week
Quote: Originally Posted by nomed If a product has a shelf life it'll have small symbol somewhere on the container or packaging. The symbol looks like a jar with the lid off and numbers followed buy the letter "M." 24M for example. Just check this out: http://www.dermaviduals.com/english/...-unstable.html You are incorrect. The PAO symbol (product after opening) that you mention does not state the shelf life of the product but the number...
go to the morgue and ask to see the lungs of a smoker
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