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Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse I'm curious too actually. I dated a girl briefly in College who told me on the third date that her ex had 11 inches. Was not the kind of thing you wanted to hear when trying to sleep with a girl for the first time. and did she say she also deep throated it too?
I posted many times about this skin care line for men TwinLuxe because it works for me. Try them out Skin care and shave care products.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orly The back is wayyyyyyy disproportional to the front. Your front and sides need to be like four times the length they are now to balance out the backside. Throw in some product and mess it up a bit. It'll probably look much better, but if it were me I would just get it cut again. Of course, if you like it, that's all that matters. agree. seems like you need a new hairstylist because he/she can't cut...
try steel wool. it will get off all flaky skin. just kidding. go to any chinese, korean, or japanese supermarket, and they sell some scrubbing towels that work great to remove dead skin
TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm is hands down the best asb that I have ever used.
Big Mac and fries for me
just make sure you get a female doctor to at least make it more enjoyable
Highly recommended. Bang & Olfusen headphones. Adjustable ear clips which will never fall off if put on correctly.
I can understand your weewee getting sore the next day after you have sex like 3+ times in one day, but the soreness only should last a day at most. Are you choking the chicken with too much force??????????????? Maybe use more lube when you do it
Now anyone see a man walking around naked with a full-blown boner???????????
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