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Quote: Originally Posted by Stu I am looking to make some Indian pureed greens with spinach and mustard greens. problem is that I cannot find mustard greens anywhere. Can one sub out collards or swiss chard? or should I just go all spinach you can get mustard greens at any chinese super market
Your interviewer is probably going to be if you are gay and want to smell good for him, use cologne.
The more you touch and run your fingers through your hair, the more chance you make hair fall out.
wash them with bleach and they are spanking germ free. your underwear was probably his size
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS I play REAL not trying to be the best at excersizing. or spelling
just lose weight simple as that
TwinLuxe Smooth Shave Cream and really...anything TwinLuxe. They offer the BEST shaving skin care solutions for men in my opinion.
Dont understand why one worries about carbs (the bun) when they are eatting a fatty ass high calorie burger patty. Its just like eatting a triple patty burger with supersized fries and drinking it with a DIET Coke. Really, you think drinking a diet coke really saves you from weight gain when you eat like that?
I bet you that if you had a $100 bottle of Pinot and a $100 bottle of a Cabernet, the Pinot would be hands down the winner in terms of taste and satisfaction. Cabernets are overpriced when compared to Pinot Noirs.
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