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Quote: Originally Posted by nystyle86 She got it from her first bf whom she been dating since high school. You really going to believe that????????
Imagine how many dudes she had to bang to get the Herpes!!!!! You sure you want that?
not all generics use the same higher quality ingredients in a comparable product priced 2 or 3x the generic. however, some do. it's all about doing your own research to see which products are worth paying more for.
as of this month, have been an exclusive TwinLuxe shaving skin care user. best stuff for men period. also they have some awesome fathers day deals going right now so great for people who want to try out the brand
I would recommend to anyone who goes in for a vasectomy that they freeze a lot of their sperm at a cyrosperm storage facility just in case they change their minds about kids in the future.
any type of exercise, no matter what kind, is better than sitting on your butt. i'd say go for it!
drinking in moderation is ok. drinking out of control =
TwinLuxe face wash & scrub Best stuff out there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rookje The thing I never understood about a Bidget is how do you dry yourself? Your underwear soaks up the leftover water on your balls and ass. No need to waste toilet paper
Do you use a ton of hair gel or wax? If so, you probably need to wash your hair every night before you go to bed. Getting your face in contact with all that hair gel and wax creates an acne hotspot.
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