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Straight razor shaving is da bomb, as long as you have the right equipment and shave cream. TwinLuxe shaving skin care products for the win!
people who don't re-rack are just plain selfish
Axe paste gets it done for me. Super cheap and effective with no flaking
Just bought this Kava product after reading this thread last week... drank it and I didn't feel a thing. Wish I can return it now!
I'm always a proponent for the "el naturale" ways. No protein shakes for me. Just eat more steak after a nice workout.
Triple bacon cheeseburger with a larger Coke!
If you are going to moisturize, definitely get a moisturizer that is not greasy feeling! My rec: Twinluxe soothing face balm. It has helped my skin oily problem by making my skin less oily throughout the day. Don't ask me how it does it but it does. Plus skin is very moisturized all day too. Just unbelievable.
Id go try the affordable japanese hair salons in the east village.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Herpes is a numbers game, dude. The more people you bang, the more you expose yourself to the odds. While it's certainly possible to get herpes from your first and only lay, that's not usually how one acquires it. There is a high correlation between having the herp and being promiscuous. the obtuse just dont understand Don. that girl probably did the entire football team
good facial products solve all your face problems, whether it be dryness, redness, or irritation due to shaving. don't be hesitant to buy the more expensive stuff because usually you get what you pay for!
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