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if you guys didn't know, Lush products are full of parabens and sulfates. Don't get me wrong...Lush products have lots of natural ingredients in them but they also use those harsh 'unwanted' ingredients too. I'd stay away from Lush if you wanted to try a skin care line devoid of harsh ingredients.
it's generally all about diet...what you eat.
lol. don't smoke too much otherwise your weiner gets smaller is pretty nice. After you review the product you buy, you get 10% off future purchases of the same product.
I personally swear by this one: The BEST moisturizer and aftershave balm 2 in 1 with 0 spf. TwinLuxe soothing face balm.
Congratulations on the interview! Let us know how everything goes.
awesome 1st spam post
i read this blog frequently to keep with up to date grooming products:
next to her and push her a bit to make yourself look all macho and fit. if you are the one that will be falling behind during the run, i'd advise not to run with her. chicks dig fit guys and especially the chicks that are in shape
tell me that you are going to stand in the back or middle sections. if you are homosexual, you probably want to stand in the first row. LOL
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