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since coaches spend lots of time in the sun/outdoors...a good skincare set would be a nice gift
shin splits occur when one is not used to exercising or if one has not worked out in a long time. need to get into shape. its saddening to hear but its the trurh
try BBRAXTON if you don't mind going up all the way to the central park north
You feel good walking around someone's house putting the dog shit and scum that is on the bottom of your shoe onto their floors?
Head and Shoulders shampoo and their conditioner your lifesaver
Bio Therm and Shisheido products are just average in terms of product different that going to your local Walgreens or CVS and buying stuff there. My suggestion is either you buy the stuff at your CVS (ie. Neutrogena products) or you go very high end to get stuff that really works but is more expensive (ie. Twinluxe or Truefitt & Hill products)
THere are 2 problems with using an electric shaver: 1. You need to constantly wash and sanitize the electric razor hair guard that touches your skin to prevent any bacteria buildup that is harmful to your skin. 2. Your skin is all scratched up after you use an electric shaver because of non existant lubrication between e.r. and skin. Wet shaving for the win!
Kirkland for the win! Seriously, I have found nothing of the Kirkland product range to be inferior than the real things they imitate. Costco =
no bidet, just go to the bath tub and rinse off in there to get the awe so good clean feeling
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