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Let me guess, you have this men's Twinluxe instant energy mist product on your sink too?
Best glute workout is MISSIONARY POSITION! Go get laid!
My favorite is Seize sur Vingt (www.16sur20.com)
Quote: Originally Posted by Pastafarian Do you all agree? I find most of the leather jackets I own become too big over time. I really like the snug feeling of a brand new leather jacket and that doesn't last... I purposely bought a new leather jacket that is a size smaller than what I'm used to wearing. Did I make the right choice? I can still zip it up but I can barely move in it to be honest lol. I agree. Leather jackets tend...
I have a Burberry Trench (a light one, not a thick one for the winter) and its very loose but at the same time can be form fitting if worn with a suit. Best part is that it doesn't look baggy if I wear it as a jacket when it rains. My suggestion is to get a light Burberry trench, and not the normal thicker material trenches. Not sure if they carry the lighter weight trenches in stores now, but maybe check out the outlets because they usually have the off-season stuff...
Quote: Originally Posted by alastiar well its more like a loafer, but dressy loafer so idk, what do you guys think? can i wear it with a suit to a wedding? Other than that, what other outfit can i pair it with? Sorry am new here and trying to learn abt fashion and how to dress well. I don't see anything wrong with wearing some slick Gucci loafers with your suit to a wedding as long as you are not the guy getting married!
Quote: Originally Posted by max_r is it just a US thing that french cuffs are 'too fancy?' i never paid much attention to it when i lived in the US (nor did i have an office job in the US) but here in the UK, they seem about as popular as barrel cuffs with everyone. infact, i wore french cuffs and gold cufflinks to both interviews for my current job. French cuffs always make your suit look a little more sharp! I think they look more...
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