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You have to man up one day and not go to sleep till the following 10pm or 11pm (so stay up for like 30+ hours before going to sleep). I'm sure you will get some good sleep that day and start to wake up/sleep like normal ppl.
Make sure you buy a Victoria Secret bra too while you are at it!
Can't really do much with your short hair. Maybe grow it out longer?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lokesh BTW is the vibration feature on the thing actually do anything useful or is it just a gimmick? I read an article somewhere on the internet that a judge actually ruled that Gillette may not state the claim that a vibrating blade actually brings out a closer shave. So yes, that power Fusion vibrating thing is just a gimmick.
If you want a BIG room w/ class and style and looks modern, I highly recommend the Royalton Hotel in NYC.
Bring yourself? :P Of course you need to bring something. LOL. How about some gourmet chips/nuts?
Try the Ampelos Rose's
Do NOT wear a white tie to funerals ever.
Unless you are a pimp or drug dealer, I would not wear a full-length mink coat.
I use Issey Miyake deodorant
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