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The jap salons off of Sawtelle 2 blocks from santa monica in that little jap plaza are pretty good.
Try pube extensions. God man! Why do you want a haircut like that?????????
NICKEL Spa for men
If you have to shave your balls every 2 or 3 weeks....DAMN MAN!!! You must be one hairy mutha foocker
if you dont mind walking on jizz and piss, go ahead and go barefoot in the gym lockers! why dont u just wear the sandals on the way out of the gym too?
Black tie means wear a black tie/bowtie! No mooks allowed pretty much. SO stay home if you don't want to rent a tux at Men's wearhouse! George Zimmer always says "We'll GUARANTEE IT!"
Ritalin anyone? This stuff will keep you up and FOCUSED for hours! Viagra for your mind
Bond no9 WALL STREET = the best masculine scent ever!
Neutrogena Oil-free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Treatment! Get it here!
For your face, I highly recommend the Twinluxe soothing face balm and moisturizer. I have Rosacea and sensitive skin and this stuff works wonders. Just bought the bottle and am loving it!
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