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Perfumes are all alcohol based so my guess is that the colors are all dyes of some sort
hahaha its funny how the guy who has the same haircut as you can look 1000000x more handsome than you
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 worth what? god you guys are fucking dumb asses. i have neither saggy skin nor tits you noobfucker just wait how you look like in 10 years
having saggy skin and saggy man boobs is all worth it right?
If you cut yourself with your blade, it usually means you are using inferior shaving tools. Time to step up and buy some better stuff.
Get some chlorine removal shampoo. No more pool smell! And make sure you moisturize your skin after your swim. I suggest splashing on some facial toner splash and using a very hydrating moisturizer that isnt too heavy. I'm currently a HUGE FAN of twinluxe face balm/moisturizer so I would recommend that product to use.
Only use drying shampoo and sit out in the sun to bake your hair. And blow dry your hair up the wazoo
Never buy products with parabens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u guys r so stupid. internet typing these days is all 'bout abbreviations. jap, lol, lmfao
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