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New Years in NYC is overrated. Don't be one of the dumbasses that are freezing in the cold like a pack of sardines in times square.
On the day prior to your deadline, keep spitting in a cup and get all that excess water out of your system....that will be good for a couple pounds. But make sure to hydrate intensively afterwards.
Quote: Originally Posted by Unbreakable 29 years old and never had the flu, and Ive never had a flu shot. You just jinxed yourself holmes. You'll probably get sick like a dog this winter
Quote: Originally Posted by SamSpade Meh, I honestly don't buy it. Sounds like a semi-disguised ad, paid under the table. I have a sensitive skin too, and used to think a lot about what combination of products to use. But eventually I acquired the nagging suspicion that this is all useless, overpriced crap. I switched to the cheapest razors, foam, and aftershave I could possibly find, and my sensitive skin is doing fine. Maybe it's not pink and supple as...
Centrum Ultra Men's or One a Day Men's ProEdge
Clarisonic makes an great gadget for softening out the eye bags
Do you take showers at night? If not, you probably should. Getting rid of any hair gunk like hair wax or gels before sleeping is a must. All those greasy compounds will clog your pores when you sleep face down or sideways on your pillow.
Perfumes are all alcohol based so my guess is that the colors are all dyes of some sort
hahaha its funny how the guy who has the same haircut as you can look 1000000x more handsome than you
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