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TwinLuxe Renewing Face Wash & Scrub does not dry your face after use. skin is super moisturized too.
I love those modern architecturally-designed houses! Only problem is that most of them are not kid-friendly and with 3 little ones myself, I guess my dream home will have to wait a few more years until they are a bit older.
I have 5 of their Twinluxe products (shave cream, balm moisturizer, spray mist toner, serum, and face wash scrub) and are big fans of each of them. The balm moisturizer is expensive at $64 but you only use a "pea-sized" amount for each use as stated on their website. SO the balm bottle looks like it will last me 6 months to 9 months total (I use it everyday). Not bad considering how long it lasts.
Get laser hair removal for your entire chest. Your girl will have your chest hair up her nose the entire night when she cuddles in bed!
Most men do not even do all those steps you do to keep their skin clean and nourished so I would say that you are off to the right start. Aftershaves are drying to your skin so I would not use one unless you want the cologne smell effect. For "better" skin care and shaving products, I'd highly recommend the TwinLuxe skin and shave care range. I'm a diehard TwinLuxe user now (converted from Kiehls and Art of Shaving). Think you would love their super slick and hydrating...
you sure you have a nutsack instead of a vagina?????????????????
The 3 S's of the morning: S S HIT SHOWER SHAVE
as long as you do not stink, you are doing just fine brotha!
Check out the article in this month's LA Confidential magazine about best men's grooming products for this season.
Best face wash for me is the TwinLuxe Renewing Face Wash & Scrub My skin feels so smooth and soft and most importantly not dry and flakey after use.
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