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you ever consider doing a series of derma microabrasions?laser treatments can also help reduce acne scars
"I've been doing it for 10 years......" excellent tips! always shave with the grain...whether it be your balls or your face
"So you think your pubs look dirty?" you obviously have not shaved down there if you ask such a question. give it a try. i bet your gf/wife will love you for it too unless u aint getting any action and wont know. LOL
Id be sure to not use any greasy moisturizers or drying facial washes. Make sure you wash your pillow covers often too if you don't shower before you go to bed.
I've always been into feeling clean and looking clean. I trim my own pubic hair. Anyone got any useful shaving tips for it? I've also found a great site with some weird ass pubic hair trivia for it:
Here's a great read about current best mens skincare products:
If you are worried that the junk in your trunk has gone bad, best to wear BOXERS and not tidy whities to help out with the aeration of your balls
I just picked up a TwinLuxe balm, serum, and 2 shave creams. Thought you metro men like myself would enjoy this. Hurry before they are sold out
Im sure the male porn dudes get their pubes all lasered off. fu k da waxing...go laser
Fried Chicken FTW!
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