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Ikea has some decent wooden jacket hangers at a good price, a pack of 4 or 5 for less than $6 in natural or dark cherry wood color
The heels looks to be replaced not long ago and the soles maybe have 50% life left in them I guess.  
I bought a used pair of AE Park Avenues in 9D for $49 off of Ebay about 2 months ago. Aside from the all the mostly good reviews here that prompted me to get them, I find the toe box to be very roomy to the point it feels like a size too large. I am not sure if this normal for them or not.
I apologize for the misinformation. I assumed it was hand tailored in London since it has bespoke on the label but in asking its actually made in the US, i am guessing by Hickey Freeman. It shows Gieves & Hawkes Bespoke on a purple label on the inside jacket but he bought it in the US about 11 yrs ago. It seems to have a good amount of hand tailoring though, but I have been told by this forum a notch DJ is an abomination.
Got an offer to buy a bespoke dinner suit from a friend who had it made at a Savile Row tailorshop some years ago for $100. Thing is its a notched lapel rather than a shawl or peak but the size is close to me to have it altered for fit. Good deal? Opinions?
Hello all, Thought I let people know that Amazon has their deal-of-the-day on select pairs of R&R jeans for men & women at $69 for today. Again its on select styles and finishes and seems a good price for a great pair of jeans, cheers.
I am a college kid and I am going to a high school friend's wedding in San Francisco. Its going to a semi casual attire affair. I recently purchased a single button jacket (link below) as I only have one suit in my wardrobe currently and was wanting to expand. My question is what is your preference of trouser color to match with a charcoal heather jacket like this? Should the jacket be lighter than the trouser? vice...
Hello all, I am a college student who is looking to buy his first formal dinner jacket. I have several weddings to attend to early next year and figure I should buy one rather than rent. My budget is limited and in just browsing around I came across this However I am dubious to buying clothes on Ebay. I welcome any opinions and recommendations from the members as I am new to the sartorial scene, thank you.
Hi all, first post here. I would like your opinions on sunglasses preferences. I am buying some prescription sunglasses and have decided on an aviator style. I am trying to decide whether to go with dark lens (grey gradient) or mirrored lens framed in gold or silver frames. What are your thoughts?
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