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I didn't take any before pictures, it was an ebay purchase that was a bit large. I had the shoulders taken in and the sleeves shortened as well. It fits quite well now and I am very satisfied with it. There is 10" from the mouth of the side pockets to the hem, it does not look off-balanced to me. The jacket was a L and I wear a R. This was an early purchase before I understood my measurements better for a fit that I wanted.
Yes, in fact I am picking up a jacket today that I had shortened by 2". You just want to make sure the balance isn't thrown off, some say you should have at least 9-10" from your pocket mouth to the bottom hem. Its not exactly a cheap alteration but its doable.If you go toward the end of that thread a helpful user reinstated the pictures back into the original post.
Having acquired a few decent suits via ebay, I was looking to getting some proper hangars but on a college student's budget. I came across these but have some questions: 1) For hanging trousers, do you prefer the clamp or the bar? 2) Does these seem a decent deal? I am unsure of the construction and quality, if you have purchased these yourself I wecome your comment.
I know some of you do not like Kenneth Cole, but for those with slim wallets it can be a decent compromise at times. They have a sale for Cyber Monday They have 3 sections $25, $50 & $75 got 2 $75 jackets for $100 after applying code KCHL2 for $50/150 + Free Shipping. Make sure your total is over $150 before you apply the code. you can mix & match..key is to get your total over $150 apply the code and checkout for $100
Bonobos is having a sale currently and I came accross these trousers labled as "wedding trousers." I have tried looking around online and couldn't find a definition of this type of pants. Assuming they are same as the other pants on sale (brushed twill), is there any difference since they do not seem formal to warrant a "wedding trousers" moniker.
In addition to inflation, the slowdown (once again) in various global economies can cause the manufacturers to reduce inventory due to sales forecasts which can cause prices to go up. Its very likely a combination of factors but I don't anticipate a sudden price drop anytime soon. My two cents.
My guess would be inflation due to drop in value of the US dollar. Cost of commodities and supplies would increase since the purchasing power has decreased and the cost is passed along to the consumer.
Try a second-hand Grand Seiko or the Omega Seamaster as suggested above as a place to start and see comparable watches that you would like.
Your more fashion forward trendy designer labels tend to make slimmer suits like Gucci, D&G, and the like (and be very European). However they tend to run for a premium higher than your price point. You could try retailers like H&M or J.Crew possibly, just my 2 cents.
I am 5'7" and my opinion is a 3-button suit would make you look slightly more squat than elongated. A lower neckline would help elongate the visual lines so I would go with a 2-button suit preferably. I agree on the double breasted opinion though.
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