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I recently purchased a white and peach striped shirt with contrast collar and French cuffs. I matched it up with a striped navy blue and grey striped suit. I welcome your opinions and critique on which you believe is a better combination along with any tie suggestion, thank you.
I bought this sports jacket for $16 from Ebay. It is fully canvassed and in very good condition. The color is an olive/golden brown with a dark blue (almost black). It would strictly be winter/fall wear as it is a heavy weave, what colors would you suggest pairing it with? Thanks in advance.
thought it posted in another thread
If there is any hope then its a good dry cleaner, you definately don't want to take water to a silk tie
Don't feed the trolls. Try a stripe tie maybe with your shirt and see if you like it. As for color coordination, you can try using these charts
try the London Lounge
I bought a sports coat at a thrift store for a song and I would like to welcome any critique or suggestions for this coat. Its a thick coarse weave in navy and gold.
I know some members shop STP and I came across this deal on a deal site I frequent. Sierra Trading Post has a 35% off coupon code EB011712BZ (enter under "keycode"). The coupon may be used on Clearance as well as regularly-priced merchandise. Shipping starts at $5.95
If you plan on using your braces often, silk braces wear out/fray faster than box cloth braces. Many prefer Thurston's (U.K) over Trafalgar (U.S),but either one is top quality, my two cents.
Or so they say in this Huffington Post article I think he looks sharp (maybe too tight) and is the current hot young actor in Hollywood, but is he worthy of such a title? Your thoughts? Aside from satorial opinions, I think he is a very solid actor, I liked Half Nelson.
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