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Man Regis went to shit when Regis left, you need to buy OG Regis
Thats great (I'd wear that as is) ....huge fan of casual suiting here
Maison Martin Margiela - Stitched Collar Shirt - Virgin Wool Trousers - Snake Hidden Buckle Belt - Replica 1950's Havana Cuban Heel Boots - Cartier
Yeah I saw them before he took them downI just like the slimmer wears. I'm not talking SLP slim but Margiela "slim" which is still somewhat relaxed. I tried the looser stuff and it is just not for me, this is why I commend the SF bros who can pull it off. In fact the only "loose" thing I have are a pair of Orlebar Brown linen pants that I want to take in about a half inch but the misses thinks (won't let me) I should leave it as is. Being in S. Florida I don't have to...
While I share Classifieds all slim everything mentality, the jacket looked good man. Too bad it wasn't your thing
Aww shit Palm Beach gan....*crickets*
Count me as a fan. They usually have one or two Margiela pieces that I don't see anywhere else. It is actually second on my list of preferred stores in my bookmarks (second only to Farfecth).
Mannn always loved the Margiela Painted Jeans but if its anything like the bull coating of a couple years back it will be like wearing a sweat box down here
Just Got This Bibbed FW15 Dinner Shirt. Love the Subtle Details...Simpe/Beautiful..Needs Steaming Maison Martin Margiela - Waffle Bibbed Dinner Shirt - Ocean Blue Virgin Wool Trousers - Replica Military Cuban Heeled Boots - Cartier
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