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Yeah, I'm huge
Haha I may wear all Margiela but I suscribe to the Rick Owens school of thought
Here it is on the white version so you can see it better. The polo is buttonless and instead has these chain linked buttons, mine is hanging there just above my phone
Maison Martin Margiela - Chain Link Polo - Cream Fused Pocket Trouser - Hidden Buckle Snake Belt - Replica 1950 Havana Sidezips
All my OB linen stuff fits loose (like the shirts I just posted), but other than that I have 2 oversized knits and an oversized shirt. I tried my hand on some loose fitting stuff but no luck on actually making it work for me man. I gave up and accepted my slim wear overloards
Doesnt get much better than Orlebar Brown in my opinion...customer service, quality, 5 year guarentee on trunks etc.Speaking of..
Maison Martin Margiela - Silk Knit Polo - Cream Silk Blend Trousers - Woven Moccs
+1 on the Nike tech shorts. I have them in gray and besides swim trunks they are the only shorts I wear
Ha covers the second plackets buttons I guess? I was confused as fuck the first time I put it on to be honest
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