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The comments on some of those are hilarious, did Kanye piss off his 'fans' again?Also love the Total Recall taxi thing at the end...came out of left field
Feels good to have a closet full of the clothes you love and don't want to sell but wear ahhhhhh Also @APK I'd be all over that Margiela knit if it wasnt XL
Maison Martin Margiela - Reversible Reversed Wool Jacket - Silk Knit - Ocean Blue (Hard to get Color in Pic) Virgin Wool Trousers - Replica 1950's Havan Cuban Heel Sidezips
Nothing is better in my opinion but I am biased haha. The boucle knit and shorts are very dope, sold out almost immediately all over the place. I thought they were very nice, but they are way too long in the back for my taste though
This knit retailed for 1K+ and ever since I saw it I slept on it until now where it dropped into an "alright I'll try it out price". The thing is like wearing a bullet proof vest....heavy as fuck and yet very comfortable, the details are very nice (possible moves up to my 3rd or 4th favorite knit ever)
at destroying what you already paid forBreaking: Inside NB Headquarters
Maison Martin Margiela - Virgin Wool Leisure Jacket - Hidden Placket Reversed Dinner Shirt - Virgin Wool Trouses - Replica Cuban Heel Havana 1950's Sidezips
Yeah, they are very rustic looking, perfect for denim and or heavier cotton trousers. By the way they are cheap as fuck right now on YOOX $342 + 20% off and free shipping
Ok, I'm done for a bit (maybe) Autumn/Winter 2001 Hand Painted Shirt Replica Campus Sidezips Cut Wool Knit
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