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I'm from Cuba we are all about Beisbol. I held a bat before walking
Polos? Polos Maison Martin Margiela - Navy Collarless Polo Knit - Cream Silk Blend Trousers - Metallic Midnight Sidezips - Cartier Extra Polo Orlebar Brown - Harris Polo - Setter Shorts - Maison Martin Margiela Espadrilla
Casual Suiting, I love the (or is it ye?) Maison Martin Margiela Virgin Wool/Silk Suit Maison Martin Margiela Virgin Wool Asymmetrical Trousers
Point taken (I thought there would be more to it than money)
I am new to fĂștbol (aka I just watch the world cup) and I've never understood why the teams name is so small while huge advertisements cover the jerseys?
I am a big fan of polos except nowadays they are mainly some Margiela concoction of collarless or buttonless silk knit things....having said that... I think I gave Master C advice a long time ago on maybe getting a polo with more than two buttons. I prefer fitted myself and I like for the sleeve to hit mid bicep On the fit - I mean there is nothing really wrong with it. I personally would do some clean jeans without any wavy stuff on the back pockets, a polo with more...
@thewho13 Huh who knew
Price Includes Shipping via USPS Priority These are sold out everywhere and are in 10/10 condition never worn Please go by Shorts Pic for Measurements A- 17.3 inches (waist) B- 17.9 inches (outside leg) C- 10.8 inches (leg opening) D- 8.2 inches (inside leg)
Need some help from you guys. I really like my wyatt suede boots and am looking to buy a second pair My first question is are these the same color? and is there some place I don't know about selling the cropped boots (bottom pic) other than farfetch? my size sold out almost instantly
Bene, for what its worth, I let my shirts billow out at the waist and rolling up the sleeve makes it less dressy to me. I mean you roll up your sleeves and you have this exact fit
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