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Stanley, minimal wardrobe + one brand for 98% of everything I wear = Every season. I go on vacation and I can basically fit all of my stuff into two suitcases excluding footwear....and I really like that for some reason
Man judging by the fashion I've seen here around lunch and dinner, they are happy as fuck haha
The watch loving gene skipped me, but if I ever decide (or could) get one, I might as well go to this small place in my back yard
My intro would definitely be Ricky Ricardo style where I kick in my closet doors and yell "Margiiiieee I'm homeeee"- *cut to new sneakers on roman pedestal*
Haha will do man
I'm using Weleda Citrus spray at the moment. It works and compliments my usual every day cologne (Virgin Island Water)
Maison Martin Margiela Plaster Replica Trainers Mykita Orchards
Lifestylin' With the Misses Cartier Django Sunglasses - Orlebar Brown Yacht Club Print Shirt - White Bulldogs - Maison Martin Margiela - Cuff - Barefoot x Margiela
Price Includes Shipping via USPS Priority to Everywhere These trousers are unworn in 10/10 condition Laid Flat: Waist: 17.5 inches Front Rise: 10.5 inches Back Rise: 15.5 inches Upper Thigh: 10.5 inches Knee: 8.5 inches Leg Opening: 7 inches Inseam: 32 inches
These are def different for me but comfortable as fuck! Love the description tags that come with some Margiela pieces. Also must buy up these silk blend T's from last season damn they look nice in person
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