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Price Includes Shipping via USPS Priority Brand New in 10/10 Condition. Made by Cutler and Gross Size: 52-21-145 Hand made in Italy Looking to sell quick for space, so make me an offer
Poll is up http://www.styleforum.net/t/385191/shades-of-virgin-islands-challenge-poll/0_100
SHADES OF VIRGIN ISLANDS Cpnwes Nevergreen Noob Parker Ghostface Imaozedong Kgfan Auximenes El Bert StanleyVanBuren ChetB Nicelynice In Stitches
Can't edit anymore Stitch, I am trying to do a new thread. Thanks man! I think I have it
Hey fellas I just realized I have no idea how to make a poll thread haha. Do I just write everyones name on the line or what? Simple explanation needed
If anyone comes across these..... Please let me know
Hey you learn something new everyday. It definitely feels like quality leather, I'm not as experienced as some of the posters here with leather but if it felt like plastic I could probably tell haha (and would have returned)
Educate me on what saffiano leather is? 'Grained Leather' is what I was told it was
You will just have to take my word for it, but if I had a full body pic you could see how nicely it all comes together. Maybe if I was wearing a suit jacket I would do boots, but the 5Zip just screamed painted trainers to me for some reason. Next time I wear them in that context I will try to take a full pic. Pretty much my boots made it look too clean, needed something elseI had this in mind. I rarely get feedback anymore and there is always room for improvement
I find it very beautiful, leather is as soft as anything I've experienced and I especially love their Havana color the contrast stitching which I think is their best (but I am biased haha). Thats weird snow, mine folds exactly where it is supposed to. You probably had a different model though. I do prefer soft thinner leathers since I like it to feel like I have nothing in my back pocket so thats a plus for me. As of right now I don't have any complaints as far as...
New Posts  All Forums: