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Price Includes Shipping via USPS Priority These are sold out everywhere and are in 10/10 condition never worn Please go by Shorts Pic for Measurements A- 17.3 inches (waist) B- 17.9 inches (outside leg) C- 10.8 inches (leg opening) D- 8.2 inches (inside leg)
Need some help from you guys. I really like my wyatt suede boots and am looking to buy a second pair My first question is are these the same color? and is there some place I don't know about selling the cropped boots (bottom pic) other than farfetch? my size sold out almost instantly
Bene, for what its worth, I let my shirts billow out at the waist and rolling up the sleeve makes it less dressy to me. I mean you roll up your sleeves and you have this exact fit
Should of put a in original post
Thanks man. Substituting thin or light knits for shirts is so much more comfortable for me
Do they sell Margiela?
Maison Martin Margiela - Cream Viscose Knit - Hidden Buckle Distressed Leather Belt - Ivory Blue Virgin Wool Trousers - Replica Argentine Military Boots - Profile Watch Bracelet
I don't wear watches, but if I did it would be an ALS. The Cartier fan in me wouldn't mind a Santos-Dumont either I know multi millionaire dentist driving around in beater Toyotas. Of course the money is spent on other vices Haven't you guys seen that commercial? It's not the size of your watch or car.....it's the size of your yacht that counts
Off the top of my head I rememberKablamDougAhhh Real MonstersAll ThatFigure it OutLegends of Hidden TempleMy Brother and Me....was Smart Guy Disney?Ren & StimpySalute your ShortsI just looked up Rockos Modern Life for the hell of it and man I forgot the cow was literally rises by wolves haha. Kids these days missed out
Bene, were you trying some sort of Margielaish fit here? Just wanted to ask because it looks a lot like my early stuffI'd pair some hidden placket shirt and slim boots (doesn't have to be Margiela or anything like that) with those pants and then unbutton to about the 3rd button and bam you got the "miami coke dealerâ„¢" down
New Posts  All Forums: