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87 Degree Wears Maison Martin Margiela - Viscose Knit - Sky Blue Overdyed Denim - Saint Laurent Wyatt Cuban Heels - Cartier X 3
Its that time of year again when I feel like the contrarian saying its not that hot Not at all. All I wear is boots and I am fine all day. I'm used to hot weather 24/7 though. I gave up socks a long time ago because I hated the feel, I have noticed that my feet dry up a lot quicker so I have to moisturize them
I don't own any socks
Props to that guy man, seriously
Seeing as this is one of my favorite collections, I want to try some jean tucking with shirts and T's. Good idea or not? I really want a navy silk scarf to pull this off too
[[SPOILER]] Orlebar Brown - Linen Shirt - Setter Shorts - Maison Martin Margiela Leather Watch Band Bracelet - Barefoot X Margiela
Maison Martin Margiela - Viscose Knit - Virgin Tropical Wool Trousers - Replica 70's Cuban Heel Military Boots - Cartier X 2
These days I really just add pieces to my wears that I sleep on for about a week and I will only buy from returnable sources. I'd rather buy one piece retail that I wear 1-2 times a week then 4 pieces that will be closet queens. So far my system has been working nicely.....Maybe a little boring an repetitive but it feels good as fuck
It is in the design district. I know very few places in Miami by heart though (because of the clusterfuck they call streets) but I believe it is on NE40th St.Edit: Yep just checked
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